Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Doe Bay Cabin in Washington!

Who wouldn't want a peaceful, lovely cabin on Orcas Island in Washington? The Doe Bay Cabin, by Heliotrope Architects, looks like a calm place to unwind. I mostly wanted to post about this cabin because there is a very clever design idea by the stairs but it just so happens that the rest of it is really neat too.
(photos from Design-Milk)

One house set in such peaceful surroundings. Deep breath, exhale..... ahhhhh.

The interior is kept very simple and clean.

Now, here is the clever design idea, in my opinion. I love that the last step doubles as a bench off to the side and shoes can be stashed under the whole bench/step (without getting in the way); then above the bench part is a short closet that can be used for coats and such. This is a very multi-functional small space. Well done.

Beautiful bathroom with a pretty view of the treetops.

Exceptional Home Designs by Architects Johnston Marklee

Exceptional Home Designs by Architects Johnston Marklee. Perched on a hillside with picture windows facing the horizon, the open-concept plan maximizes the incredible views, from Rustic and Sullivan Canyons to Santa Monica Bay. Minimalist interiors are notable for their lack of walls, resulting in an awesome open interior that promoted socialization. The main living area is overlooked by an upper loft, where a library offers privacy while maintaining a connection to the rest of the house. Johnston Marklee

This incredible house design by Los Angeles-based architecture firm Johnston Marklee makes a striking addition to its surroundings. The irregular-shaped hill house features a contemporary silhouette with a minimalist white facade punctuated by lots of windows – a wonderful contrast to its lush, leafy backdrop of Pacific Palisades, California. This 3,300-sq.-ft. slope house features modern interiors, sun-soaked through the home’s numerous windows and skylights.

photo credit: Eric Staudenmaier. Via: trendir

Bloggers Against Plagiarism

As bloggers, we often come across work or content that feels like it might have been 'too inspired' by some one else's original work, or worst, is a straight lift off of another's work. Having seen more than a few such instances in the recent past, a group of design/decor bloggers from India, has come together to create a place where we can document and highlight such incidents of plagiarism. The intent is to generate awareness and encourage discussion. The design blogger community in India is gaining strength day by day, and each one of us feels strongly about intellectual property and stand united against plagiarism in our field.

Please take the time out to visit the blog - Bloggers Against Plagiarism, and help spread the word. If you come across any incidents of plagiarism, or instances where work has clearly been inspired by some one's original work without the due credit, please do write to us here

Say NO to plagiarism today!

NZ interior designer Alex Fulton

A New Zealand space! The home of Alex Fulton, interior designer and choice chick. (Images from Homestyle Magazine - Alex's home is in the latest ish-yoo.)

Speaking of interior design ideas, D├ęcor Planet has plenty. Find information on bathroom vanities, bathroom design ideas and more at their website. 

Laundry Room - Modern Interior Design For Your Laundry Room

Laundry room is the place that probably slips in people's mind. Most of them tend to concentrate to design their living room, bed room, bath room, dining room and other part of the house. Actually, laundry room needs attention so that people can enjoy their room. It is not good when they have to wash their laundry lazily.

Nowadays, people like to design their room by using simple modern style. This is chosen for certain reason. They do not want to make their rooms getting crowded. Modern simple style gives simplicity and coziness. According to demand, most women choose this style.

It is time for you to know the theme that will be applied in your laundry room. There are many kinds of modern themes. You can choose one of them that suit you. Walk around interior stores and you will see it. Use your intuition to get the best one.

Pay attention to your room size. It is not match when you have to put big thing in small room. You can ask your partner to help you to find fix thing for your modern laundry room. It will make you difficult to move in a crowded room. So, do not make a mistake to choose.

Beside that, color is another consideration. You can take white color for simple design. Actually, white color will give you simplicity sense. It is a suitable color to complete your modern style. As you know, basic color of modern style is not complicated.

It can occur when you plan to use modern interior design living room. You can put same ideas to get the same feeling. So, your house's room will look like match each other. You will be comfortable to stay in your house for a long time.

Then, to make it complete, you can take modern lighting and appropriate cabinets to put your thing inside. Find them smartly. Do not forget to clean up your laundry room. It is so awful when your room is dirty and untidy.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home Office - Interior Design Ideas For a Home Office

Good Office Furniture Designer Should Be One Step Ahead of You

In this new era, office furniture designers have a lot to think about rather than just building tables and putting chairs together. Modern office spaces today require huge requirements from the furniture it uses. In some cases the furniture and the design is custom made to fit the exact office space needed. Nowadays, businesses are becoming conscious that they are only piling up even bigger expenses rather than saving a few dollars.

Over the past three or four decades, furniture designers faced challenges on how fast office spaces changed. This had been primarily a direct effect of changes in technology. To most offices each new technical development had been bringing lots of changes and new requirements.

Computers have become increasingly important in any modern office environment. This brought innovative challenges in designing appropriate office furniture. Though, almost every year there are new technologies, new products and new techniques that develop our present systems.

Even if you are thinking of using modified furniture solutions for your office, cheaper furniture does not always give as much flexibility and adaptability as better designed furniture does. In lots of instances, managers or office directors have purchased tables and computers just to find out that they purchased the wrong table because the computer won't fit.

Containing furniture solutions which can adjust to the fast changing technology can make a huge difference. Modern furniture designers have brought a lot of new and original techniques of managing problems facing many businesses.

Today, there is increasingly greater awareness on issues about environment. This has been extended to office furniture design. There are greater needs for materials that are natural and that came from sources which are not harmful to the environment. Forests have been increasingly a popular means of getting the materials for making office furniture.

Furniture designers and their clients should make sure that the materials they use in their office furniture come from sources that are environmentally friendly. This is one factor that you can swing prospective customers on your side.

A few of the good Furniture designers are incorporating some truly original and modern features into their work. One example of this is the indented television or computer screen, thanks to flat screen technology, this make it possible now. With this facility, it allows the screen to be hidden under the desk and, as a result at the pull of a handle or knob, the screen is visible. Angled at forty-five degrees under the desk it's a lot more economically suited to the user than the old kind of computer screen. This kind of indented screen makes viewing more natural and won't strain or hurt the viewer's neck. Not only that, this also allows the desk to be easily converted to a standard and normal writing arrangement when needed.

This level of adaptability and flexibility is the trademark of an accomplished modern office furniture designer. This will also make way, to the future of the office

Rafael Montilla writes about Modern and Contemporary furniture in Furniture stores Los Angeles, New York Furniture and Chicago.

CC's 5 Faves: Accent Tables

A little over a week ago, The Glamourai mentioned several of High Fashion Home's end tables amongst her favorites right now so I decided to add a few to her list. Check 'em out.

 A picture from The Glamourai post. High Fashion Home tables are the bottom row left, The Miami Hexagonal Table and the middle Twig Table

I love the twisty Marrone Spiral Table

 The Ojai Lattice Window Round Table is a simple, go anywhere piece.

Love the Bow Loop Table.

I love the rustic look of the Aldo End Table

The Shi Shi Table is just gorgeous!

Pick n Mix

Sequin installations (Waterfall, Volcano and Glacier) by artist Theresa Himmer.

A whole alphabet of threaded letters! Nice work, Zim & Zou.

Lately, I'm looking at every piece of artwork through a would-this-be-awesome-in-my-new-studio-space? lens. One of these MASSIVE ballpoint scribbles by artist Il Lee definitely would.

As someone really smart said this weekend, Be Brave. Letterpress art only $10 from Orange Beautiful on Etsy.

Wrap is both a paper, and wrapping paper. A new design and illustration magazine, Wrap includes 9 postcards and 8 sheets of wrapping paper and runs to a theme for each issue. Oh, and they're always keen to see submissions.... (Watch the Video!)

I kind of don't believe in landlines. But if I could somehow hook up my mobile to one of these, I would. 

Catchbowl by Japanese design studio Torafu Architects. A lidded bowl that can be split into two peices and used as a shelving and storage unit. One segment fits into an inside corner of a room, the other wraps around the outside edge of two walls. LOVE IN ALL CAPS! (via Dezeen)