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Best Interior Painting Ideas for House Remodeling

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Your home is the place you go to get away from the stress of work and traffic, and it gives you a sense of security and comfort. So why not use one of the best and least expensive home interior decorating techniques to help create the sanctuary you want.
Best Interior Painting Ideas for House Remodeling
The proper application of paint on walls, floors, or furniture can change the look of a room at very little cost. Using the right paint, selecting the proper product, and using professional-style techniques will give you the results worthy of your home. Get all the information you'll need on interior paint types, products, materials and application. Also, color selection and tips from the pros, faux painting techniques, and paint estimator tools. Plus detailed how-tos on painting interior rooms!
Best Interior Painting Ideas for House Remodeling
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Best Interior Painting Ideas for House Remodeling

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bringing India to Europe

If you live in Milan, Florence, Rome or Madrid, please raise your hand. And, if you love all things Indian, raise your other hand. This post is going to make you happy. Very happy. For I am sharing Lisa Corti's fabulous line up of Indian furnishing, furniture, garments and pottery - a store that is located in your very own city! So read on. And yes, you may put your hands down now...unless you can scroll using telekinesis ;-)

Others, i.e. non-residents of above mentioned cities: Do not despair! Lisa Corti's goodies also retail in other European and American cities. I guess that leaves folks from Asia Pacific..well, India is just a flight away anyway! And for us in India, more inspiration on what to look out for the next time we go shopping. :)

Regions/Cities in India from where Lisa sources (and designs) her products

Posters of popular Hindu deities as pop art

Cotton cloth from the south of India

These curtains remind me of sarees worn by nuns (in Calcutta)!

Stock up on colorful cushions and pillows for upcoming autumn and winter months

Lovely dresses for kids and us

Great inspiration for India inspired kids room

The stores look lovely too!

[All images Lisa Corti]

How to Makeover your House Interior with Green Color

How to Makeover your House Interior with Green Color
Green color scheme is one of best color in creating a convenience interior, these post is talking about how to makeover your house interior in green color scheme. The most important thing before 'makeover' is choosing the right color combination and consider it with the function of the room, lighting system, size of the room and another related thing. Here are several steps in makeover your interior:
  • color combination is everything, choose just a similar or two another smooth color such as pink or sky blue.
  • maximize your wall decoration, this can make the room alive, caused by the naturally of the green color
  • use just a little dark color as a strip or another small decoration,
  • lighting is all. Lighting is the most important aspect, so use a health, cheap and convenience lighting system.
How to Makeover your House Interior with Green Color

How to Makeover your House Interior with Green Color

How to Makeover your House Interior with Green Color

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Real Estate Market Bottom Imminent Except In Miami

According to a report by CNBC today, Sam Zell, chairman and founder of Equity Group Investments, who has made billions of dollars in the commercial real estate market, said that the bottom of the real estate market is imminent. Across the country, the residential real estate market has seen positive data for the past 3 months in a row, which inspired Sam Zell to say, "The key to everything is single-family housing because that's where consumption comes from. If people don't have confidence in their biggest asset, they won't have the confidence to spend."

Zell pondered that an equilibrium has been reached, which in turn will stabilize the residential real estate market, as prices stop falling. He does not include Miami in this bottoming out, due to the excessive overbuilding that has taken place in the area, along with the multitude of subprime foreclosures. He expressed his dismay that the government is considering programs that would increase taxes, at a time when consumer confidence is key to an economic recovery. The entire interview with Zell can be seen in the video above.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Green Home Ideas, Bring the Nature to Your House

Green Home Ideas, Bring the Nature to Your House
A green house is a trend of home design today, the concept of green house is using more of natural material and maximize the function of nature to make the room convenience. We can also use a natural green color to decorate our room and interior, so, by bring the nature into our house, the house looks matched with it's outdoor natural environment.
Green Home Ideas, Bring the Nature to Your House

Green Home Ideas, Bring the Nature to Your House
The overall design was meant to harken to the classic interiors found in the English country house of a century ago--rooms filled with antiques, sculptural furniture pieces, and botanical patterns and prints on the walls.
Green Home Ideas, Bring the Nature to Your House

Green Home Ideas, Bring the Nature to Your House
The trick to combining many patterns in a room is to choose a common color scheme, A variety of bold patterns won't clash when linked by a limited palette, To avoid overwhelming the space, its better to using no more than two large-scale prints and keeping other patterns geometric
Green Home Ideas, Bring the Nature to Your House

Green Home Ideas, Bring the Nature to Your House
To keep a room visually exciting, its recommends to combining furniture of various sizes and heights so the eye is drawn to different points. By putting a few pieces of large furniture in a small space, a room feels bigger, It's a trick of the eye and a fact about decorating that surprises.
Green Home Ideas, Bring the Nature to Your House

Tips to Decorate a Small Space Bedroom

Tips to Decorate a Small Space Bedroom
Many bedrooms have limited space, which makes decorating easy in some ways and difficult in others. Taking a fresh design approach can transform a crowded bedroom. Such as decorate a small space on bathroom, here are several tips on decorating a small space bedroom for your family and especially for your kids.
  • Look under furniture for extra storage space; a good under-bed organizer can help keep toys, shoes and other goods hidden from view and better-organized.
  • Go vertical; when floor space is limited, one of the easiest ways to maximize space utilization is to use every inch of vertical space.
  • Create an illusion of more space by painting stripes on the walls; vertical stripes give the room a sense of greater height while horizontal stripes will make the room seem wider.
Tips to Decorate a Small Space Bedroom
  • Don’t place tall furniture near windows; this only blocks the natural light. Do place a low bookcase or, better yet, a chair or bench near the window.
  • A corner bookcase or display shelf unit can be a great way to utilize diagonal nooks and crannies in your smaller-sized kids’ bedroom.
Tips to Decorate a Small Space Bedroom
  • Look for “combo” furniture pieces such as an armoire with drawers and space for hanging clothes to free up closet space.
  • A well-lit bedroom will seem more open and spacious than a dark room; augment the ceiling light fixture with a bedside table lamp, desk lamp, etc. to provide plenty of ambient and task lighting in your child’s bedroom.
  • Keep it simple; more than anything a small kids’ bedroom will suffer greatly if you try to overdo a theme, use too many colors and cram in just plain too much stuff. --raftertales--
Tips to Decorate a Small Space Bedroom

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kenyon Square Interior Design by Hickokcole

Kenyon Square Interior Design by HickokcoleHere are several beautiful interior design of Kenyon Square. Beautifully design by combining red color with another color make this room looks elegant, designed by Hickokcole, an Architects is a youthful, high-energy firm, they work collaboratively, closely with their project teams, with the principals, and directly with the client. Ideas and expertise are sought from all levels. On above picture, there is a main upstairs from first floor to second floor, completed with red carpet, this is a convenience upstairs with ideal size and shape.
Kenyon Square Interior Design by HickokcoleDescription:
Kenyon Square
Washington, DC

Client: Columbia Heights Ventures Parcel 15, LLC
Project Size: 4,000 sf
Project Type: Common area build-out of multi-family residential development
Completion Date: 2007

2008 AIA|DC Award of Merit, Interior Architecture

Kenyon Square Interior Design by HickokcoleA living room with a fireplace to make the room more warm, still completed with red wall and minimalist lighting to make this is one of a romantic room.
Kenyon Square Interior Design by HickokcoleHere is another living room with a similar color composition but with different sense.
Kenyon Square Interior Design by Hickokcole

Interior Design Project of Vagg Residence

Interior Design Project of Vagg ResidenceMatt Gibson has a creative hand to create a beautiful interior project, such as his project on this project, an interior design project of Vagg Residence. This project involved the sub-division and renovation of a semi-detached Victorian bluestone cottage with an individual heritage listing. The client purchased this property with pre-existing Planning & Building permits to sub-divide the site and construct two 2 storey precast- concrete dwellings over 2 property Titles.

The existing site contained a 19th century derelict bluestone fronted Victorian Cottage residence that was severely run down. A Special Heritage Overlay was placed over the front bluestone bedroom that fronts Highett Street. The brief meant dealing with from one end - the notion of a 2-storey utilitarian pre-cast concrete box normally common place in multi-res / high rise construction, versus at the other end a now Heritage Listed single storey bluestone cottage front. A decision was made to restore the interior of the existing construct in a clean but typically Victorian detailing, whilst the interior of the new pre-cast construct contains a newly inscribed contemporary architecture - open, light filled, flexible. Source:

Interior Design Project of Vagg Residence
Interior Design Project of Vagg Residence

Small Space on living room solutions

Small Space on living room solutionsSmall space in our living room is a serious problem that we should handle it as we like to get more efficient space used. Here are several photos of small space of living room and several tips on decorating a small space living room.

1. Use lighter shades of green, blue and yellow for your walls. These lighter colors or pastels help open up the room and give it a more airy feel. If you want a cozier feel to your living room, use darker shades of red, blue and brown.

2. To help further open up the room, use mirrors and glass table tops. Mirrors reflect light and give the illusion of a larger room. Make sure that the mirror reflects a view or an ornamental item to enhance the room. Use glass table tops to give your small living room an open feel, rather than using hard wood table that further shrinks the room.

3. Avoid using heavily printed upholstery for your seating and sofa. Use light, monochromatic colors that match. Avoid mix and match of colors as well, as it makes the room look smaller and tight.

4. Use light gauzy and filmy fabrics for your window treatments. These fabrics let natural light pass through and adds more personality to your living room. Do not overdo and avoid using heavily printed fabrics in a small living room design. --exteriorshutters--
Small Space on living room solutions
Light and Soft Hues A room looking hip is typically a matter of the walls. In a small living room you can try painting it with 'cool' colors like blue or green. Make sure the shades in the room are of darker color, to compliment the entire room. If you follow those rules, you can actually give the appearance of a higher ceiling.
Small Space on living room solutions

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And one more..

Is one blog ever enough?

Can I say that I lived happily after if I had only one blog?

Do I feel satisfied sharing only interior decor inspiration?

The answer to all of the above is a resounding No!

You know what is coming your way, right? :)

A brand new blog!

'An Indian Summer Likes'

Nothing fancy. Just an online scrapbook of things I like - art, jewelry, photographs, music, poetry, books, furniture, rooms, humour, DIYs, dresses, accessories, cats, illustrations, recipes, typography...anything that catches my eye! While I will continue sharing interior inspiration on 'An Indian Summer', for all of you who have liked what I have liked, hop over to An Indian Summer Likes for more of my likes! Yikes! Early morning blogging can lead to a gross lack of creativity when it comes to writing. For a non-morning person like me. So go ahead, count the number of 'likes' in this paragraph, and tut tut away. You won't tut tut away when you see what I have in store for you in the coming days on this blog and also on that blog! Hah!

And while I am on the topic of talking about me and my blogs, let me share with you another way to connect. You can now connect with 'An Indian Summer' on Facebook! I finally figured out the network blog thingie on facebook, and put this blog up to be networked. So, if you are on facebook (and if you are not, My God, how come?!), connect with An Indian Summer and other people with similar interests right away! You can do so by clicking right here, or by clicking on the facebook networked blog widget on the left sidebar [right below the An Indian Summer gang widget]

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And by the way, Good Morning to all you early peeps up and awake right now! And Good Night to folks on the other side of the ocean - Go sleep! Now! :)