Saturday, July 31, 2010

Unique Lighting – Poppy Lamp Designs by Serien

This whimsical lamp has some surprises in store – the poppy lampshade gradually opens up with heat! These artful mouth-blown glass blossom are available in a range of great colors, and each is perched on its own flexible, fabric-covered stem that you can twist and turn any which way. Create a trendy tangle of flowers overhead, spiral your sconces, and twist your tabletop lamps in a fashionable and functional way. These cute and quirky poppy lamps come in chandelier and sconce designs, as well as tabletop lamps ideal for reading or as a source of soft mood-lighting in any room.

New Lighting Fixtures – Babol lighting series by deMajo

This new Lighting Fixtures, Babol lighting series was designed by deMajo. The Babol lighting series features dreamy clusters of glowing “bubbles” in a line of pendant, wall-mounted and tabletop lamp designs. These coordinating lighting fixtures come in a variety of sizes to suit any space and function, all made of glossy white glass.

Modern Lighting – Furore Lamp by Lima De Lezando

It’s Modern Lighting Design, called Furore Lamp was designed by German designer Lima De Lezando. The Furore lamp consists of 7 differently formed steel-arms. Illuminating glass bodies are attached to the steel-arms. It is the perfect design object for contemporary interior design. With its gentle light Furore creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

White Color Theme Interior House in Piacenza, Italy

       Minimalist space, luxury, elegant, and modern? this is the answer. This 120 square foot loft is located upstairs in a house in Piacenza, Italy and owned by Romolo Stanco. Ground floor 81 square meters while the first floor is 42 square meters.

The ground floor is 81 square meter while a first floor is 42 square meter. The white color is dominating around the floors and hightlights the shadows, the distances and the independent elements like chairs, a sofa, a table and other furniture. When you enter the home you see an open space that seeks a balance between the linearity imposed by the long, parallel main walls.

The second floor bedroom is a box suspended over the larger main floor and reachable only by a set of stairs that seem to hover along the wall like a child’s zig-zag drawing. The white walls, ceiling and floors give you the sensation of relaxing in a wash of light.

The white walls, ceiling and floors give you the sensation of relaxing in a wash of light.

White Shelf Furniture Design as Home Decor Abstract

This is the design of furniture for the kitchen but can also be used as the interior of the house. Depending on the things of the wall paintings and interior decoration may desire most of all humans, from animal skins and cave paintings to modern art and decorative surfaces. Combining functionality and aesthetic appeal, modular wall rack system like this let people create their own combination of functional and storage of custom home decor minimalist.
Part of the appeal of this type of MDF Italian system is flexibility - the ability to slide the boxes and shelves around to fit the decorative element or another of any size width and height. Discounts are white by default by wood-tone accents this section are available as a well.Ã, Â Another key element though is the way this kind of design accommodates the mess: a bookshelf or a series of parallel symmetrical box straight and flat shelves, on the contrary, calls attention to what did not line up with the detailed attention to the organization as a whole.
Hidden metal brackets that reinforce the visual effect is just floating in space - slots for brackets and at the intersection of the individual panels also help to create a level of detail on a smaller scale to contrast with the overall composition. What is still missing, though, is some other material for the making of the mixture even more interesting - maybe glass shelves and boxes.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Modern ultra-luxury yacht with swimming pool

Designed by young designer Serbian Vuk Dragovic, Atreides is a super luxury yacht from the tapered shape is proposed to solve what is considered by many one of the major limits of travel in high water, or the inability to jump between the crystal colors that are observed during navigation.

My Big Finale!

Well, this is it.  My final farewell.  Today is my last day at High Fashion Home.  I'm leaving to pursue a career as a stay-at-home mom.  See?

Yep, I'm ready to pop!  All our bags are packed, we're ready to go.  Except we'll be leaving in a Prius, not a jetplane, and we'll be back home from the hospital in a couple of days.

My pretty new Vera Bradley diaper bag, all packed and ready!

 Welcome to Baby James' little nursery!
 Here's hoping he's a good sleeper!  I made all of the bedding with fabrics I got from High Fashion Home and High Fashion Fabrics.  It was a lot of work, but I'm happy with the result!  We got the crib (probably the simplest one we could find without being ultra-modern) at Babies R Us.
 I surprised my husband with an LSU mobile... Geaux Tigers!
 A little corner in which to rock the little guy to sleep.  We ordered the rocking chair from Pottery Barn Kids.
 I also made these book slings with a fabric I got at High Fashion Fabrics.  They're filled with the classics- Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and so on...  I found the tutorial to make them here!
 A yellow vintage buffet became our changing table.  We filled the inside with baskets to hold all of his stuff!  He has a lot and he hasn't even been born yet!

 I fell in love with a book of Eric Carle's famous pictures.  I framed a few of my favorites to add some (more) color to the room.
 My friend Cynthia painted this for Baby James!  Isn't it perfect?  Baby's first piece of art!

 I think our dog, Kola, is practicing being a guard dog.  Or maybe she thinks the nursery is her room.  Whatever floats her boat!

It's been a lot of fun blogging for High Fashion over the past few years!  Maybe I'll make an appearance from time to time, but for now it's going to be all about preparing for, and taking care of, our new baby!

Furniture Design: Custom Cabinets Wood Shelves

Unique furniture design bookshelf. In a smaller condo or apartment can be difficult to plan or to sacrifice space for storage. However, when the rack can see this beautiful book and become an integral part of interior design hallway extraordinary, it becomes easier to make decisions.

In the era of digital fabrication technologies, making curved cuts more easily than ever before - particularly in materials like this average has a plywood rack horizontal and vertical supports. DHF + design studios have built a relatively simple task: pre-cut pieces and then put them together like a puzzle of three-dimensional.
Lack of shelf space for books and collected and ended opportunities coupled with a desire for an artistic solution was allowed to wrap-around, built-in solution. Overall unit built along the walls, but also made to wrap on the ceiling and create exciting and bumpy transition envelope space between the entrance and main room of the house alive.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Luxury Exclusive Garage Doors Design | Home Interior Favorite Design

Luxury Exclusive Garage Doors Design - high standards and impeccably good
Modern Garage Door Design

Exclusively outstanding modern design in garage doors up-and-over form of section and allow you to stamp his personal stamp of your property, the approach differs from the rest. With numerous design garage doors variants prepared stylish beautify the design, especially when combined with the design of garage doors, real hunters become the eyes and the expression of its high standards and impeccably good .

Luxury Exclusive Garage Doors Design - high standards and impeccably good

The experience and tested for up-and-over modern door opens with a swing-out action before his garage ceiling. A selection of over 30 styles of steel modern garage door and wood gives a very creative band.Modern and elegant sectional garage door opens vertically upwards. As a result, earn a place in front of and inside the garage door - a major advantage of shortcuts and large vehicles such as cars, vans and vehicle radio and television.

Luxury Exclusive Garage Doors Design - high standards and impeccably good

Luxury Exclusive Garage Doors Design - high standards and impeccably good

Furniture Design Two Functions: A Bed And TV

Furniture design two functions: Curved Canopy Bed and Built-In Projection TV

The first design: the design - even without the unique concept of built-in television - itself a sigh-worthy for fans of contemporary curves, lightweight materials, or only minimal white bed. but still curious about adding a canopy for privacy, aesthetic or functional reasons.
Long stretches of white fabric support may bend to the side of the AFP, the balance of flexibility to article STABILITY Dan Dan the framework of the canopy cover material. Ã, Â Danijel barring the entire piece can also be taken apart for washing articles, Danijel re-aimed as an interior room privacy screen Bedroom Danijel On the contrary. In many ways, the concept of Good Husband is more practical / efficient but also more appealing to the traditional canopy rely on excessive decoration for articles that make a statement.
For the design of the TV. Yes, you can project your favorite show on the surface of the canopy material as well, but warned: if you have difficulty sleeping, high-tech hybrid bed plus a built-in television will probably stay up later than you want. Joey Van den Berghe This was created as a project design school graduate theses, however, is so safe to say that he may not get much sleep well at the moment of creation.

Inspirational Interior Design of the Day : Simple White & Blue Bedroom

white blue interior design Inspirational Interior Design of the Day : Simple White & Blue Bedroom

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”- These are the words of the great Leonardo da Vinci, and I can say that these words are just perfect for today Inspirational Interior Design of the Day picture. This picture is from Betsy Burnham’s design firm – Instant/Space portofolio – Whittier Drive Residence. If you want to see this picture in a larger version you can check it here.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lines I Love...SAIVANA!

I'm such a sucker for details. Pintucks, pleats, embroidery, princess sleeves... you name it, I'm on it. But I like my dose of girly with a bit of edge. Which is why I love Saivana. Once only private labeling to such high end European designers such as Isabel Marant, Dries Van Noten, Max Mara, Kenzo, and Susanne Rutzou, they are now creating their own line combining timeless embroideries with modern silhouettes. Gorgeous luxe tops in georgette and silk chiffon are floaty, edgy and so now! And I can't wait to rock them with my denim and cargos. Ooh, and motorcycle jeans, and those new booties I want.... (Hey, let a girl dream a little)
Soooo, be sure to stop by High Fashion Home on Saturday, August 21 from 12-3 to check out the Saivana trunk show. I'll be the one with her arms full of my must haves! Also be sure not to miss my friends DePetra and their new jewelry pieces. And with 20% off all full priced clothing items that weekend in the boutique at High Fashion, I have more reasons to stock up!
***********See you there**************

Baby Got Black

The name alone made me fall in love with this mascara. "Baby Got Black". But it was the built in mirror on the side and light in the cap that sold me. I buy and use a lot of mascaras. I admit, I haven't been that loyal (I cop to any new mascara fad out there) until now.

I'm a smitten kitten. What pray tell, made me fall head over heels for this luscious lash treatment? Simple. I was at the gym yesterday and forgot to take off my makeup off. Ugh. And it was a pretty grueling sweat session. I kept mopping my face with my towel and rubbing my eyes. I knew I was going to leave with some major raccoon-face. When I was done, I slinked off the machine trying to avoid eye contact with my fellow gym goers. Imagine my surprise in the locker room when I looked into the mirror and I was completely smudge free! Huh... impressive. If this miraculous mascara can withstand my gym session, imagine how it will handle a regular day in Haute Houston, or a night out in a sweaty club (hey, if I do have to reapply, at least I have a mirror and a light at my disposal!)

*Now available at High Fashion Home! $23.00

My New(est) Obsession

I am a person who loves to have a project.  I enjoy days when there is nothing on my plate, yes.  But I'm always looking ahead to the next project I'm going to tackle.  Call me crafty, but I love to make things.  On my list of things to try: stamp-making, french macaron baking, and Japanese Washi Masking Tape!  It's already made its rounds all over the blogs, but I'm loving that there are readymade and homemade options out now.  Here's a roundup of some of my favorites:

Brick Pattern Masking Tape from Marchare on Etsy, $8.50.

Japanese Washi Making Tape from Uguisu on Etsy, $15 for the set of 6.

Pastel Polka Dot Masking Tape from Marchare on Etsy, $8.50.

If you're more of a DIY type (which I am), here are a couple of great tutorials I've found:

This option shows you how to use watercolors to paint your own tape masterpieces.  Great for those incredibly talented artists out there.  (Not so much me, but I'll give it a shot!)  Via Julie K. In Taiwan.

With all of the great fabrics I've collected over the years, I'm antsy to try this option.  It's easy and colorful and requires zero skill with a paintbrush... my kind of craft!  I found this tutorial at annekata via Creature Comforts (one of my very favorite blogs from which to get inspiration!).  Click here to check out a free washi tape download from Creature Comforts as well.  That's another one I want to try!

Last but not least, I love this super-cute use of Japanese Masking Tape: twist ties!

The readymade option: Gingham Twist Ties (set of 80) from Marchare on Etsy, $6.50.

The DIY tutorial via Zakka Life.