Friday, May 30, 2008

Checking in from London..

.... Am in London for three weeks. Will drop in a quick hello and a post in the coming week, sharing London vignettes with you :-)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Miami Beach - A Video Tour

Miami is a great place to live, especially for those who love a year round warm climate. The southern part of Miami Beach, commonly referred to as South Beach, has become known as the American Riviera. The video tour below gives a glimpse of why visitors love to come to Miami for vacation. Enjoy!

Miami Beach (South Beach) Tour

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sun Sand and Some Design...

The land of sun sand and sea
Also the land of
Some breathtaking Portuguese architecture
and quirky, fun coastal design!

Known as the best kept secret of Goa, 'Elsewhere', dating back to 1886 has been lovingly and carefully transformed to a sumptuous but simple beach house. 'Elsewhere' is a house full of character, meant for those who appreciate the things that time does not change.

The white washed exteriors with eye catching rust walls. Red oxide floors

Your personal porch with a view

The decor is inexpensive; design inspiration drawn from nature and utility items

Small kitchenette with painted wooden shutters

In-built sitting on the porch...a feature common in traditional homes. The idea being that weary travelers or visitors to the home can wait and rest in the shade

Blue and white are a must in coastal decor

Who needs expensive bathroom accessories? A rope, some sticks, some nails could also do well!

;-) it takes a good photographer to make a jhadoo (broom) look so good as decor!

Oi! It's that little birdie again! In Goa this time! Anyone who knows what is this bird called?

Go Goa...

Go Elsewhere!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mending Miami Market

Sunset Island Home Sold For $5,700,000

Some people won’t believe this, but the real estate market in Miami is beginning to show signs of mending. A few months ago, there were very few buyers around as reflected in the snails pace sales of homes in Miami. Everyone wants to know when things will turn. What if they are turning right now?

This past week alone, 3
luxury homes sold in the Miami Beach area, one on Palm Island, and another on Sunset Island 2, and a third in Bal Harbour. The property located at 4 Palm Ave. on Palm Island is an 8,169 square feet home situated on a 17,603 square feet lot with 100 linear feet of bay front. The home sold for $7,900,000, amounting to $967 per square foot of interior living space

Sunset Island home located at 1425 W. 27th St. on Miami Beach is a 6,595 square feet home, situated on a 20,000 square feet lot, with 100 linear feet of bay front. It sold for $5,700,000, amounting to $864 per square foot of interior living space. The property located at 268 Park Drive in Bal Harbour is a 6,986 square feet home, and is situated on a lot measuring 15,825 square feet, and is the only one of the 3 properties that is not a waterfront home. The home sold for $5,500,000, which amounts to $787 per square foot of interior living space.

The sales of these 3 homes are significant and demonstrate that the buyers are out there, and that they are slowly beginning to purchase homes. This was not happening in the
Miami area just a few months ago, and the tourist season is over. Traditionally, the tourist season, beginning in November and “officially” ending in mid April, has been the most active time for property sales in Miami. This year things have been a little different, however, because sales were few and far between during the season, and they are slowly beginning to pick up now.

Chief Economist Lawrence Yun of the National Association of Realtors feels optimistic about the future of real estate in the US. In his mid year housing update, he spoke about a recovery and when we can expect one. He feels that the worst is over, and that the market is going to soon rebound. He expressed that the real estate market in Florida will also recover, because baby boomers are going to be retiring in the next several years, and buying up properties in the warm Miami climate. He thinks that this time now, might very well be a great time for buyers who have been waiting, to jump into the marketplace, while home prices are still bottoming out.

Hang in there...

...take a chair
lounge a bit
as I come back to you soon!

Inspired by nature

And many shukriya's and dhanyawad's (i.e. thank you!) to my dear friends who have been dropping in to say hello. Hello to ya all! You make my day :-)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

North Bay Road Home Sold For $6,500,000

Miami Beach Home On North Bay Road Sold For $6,500,000

One of the most exclusive streets in Miami is North Bay Road, which stretches from 20th street to just north of 63rd St on the west side of Miami Beach. It used to be known as “millionaires row”, when homes on Miami Beach could be purchased for much less than a million dollars, and some of the priciest homes were on North Bay Road.

There are still hom
es on Miami Beach, which sell for well below a million dollars, but not that many. For example, today there are only 4 homes for sale in the main part of Miami Beach (South Point to just north of 63rd St.), for less than $600,000, and none for under $500,000.

Last week, a
marvelous North Bay Road home, built in 1951, sold for $6,500,000, which was $1,400,000 below the asking price of $7,900,000. With 113 feet of bay front, on a 27,000 square feet lot, the property located at 6380 N. Bay Road sold for approximately $1160 per square foot of interior living space.

The fully restored Miami Beach home features open spaces, 5 bedrooms, 4 full baths, lush gardens, a Koi pond, and a pool cabana with bath. This is the second time the home was sold in the past 2 years. In 2006, it sold for the same price of $6,500,000.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Venetian Islands Home Sold For $6,250,000

A brand new Miami home located on San Marco Island, one of six Venetian Islands stretching from Miami Beach to Miami, sold last week for $6,250,000. The home located at 1374 S. Venetian Way, Miami Florida was built in 2006 on a 10,500 square feet, wide bayfront lot facing downtown Miami. The owner had the property listed on the market for sale for just over a year at an asking price of $7,950,000, before it closed a few days ago.

The 7 bedroom, 8.5 bathroom home boasts a very spacious 7,117 square feet of interior living space, with 60 linear feet of bayfront. The property sold for approximately $878 per square foot of living area. The home is high tech throughout, featuring a roof top pool and a large deck, an elevator to take you from the ground floor to the pool area, numerous terraces and balconies, and a beautiful master suite with amazing views.

Color Burst and Wandering Mind

I am dealing with a wandering mind this week. My mind has a grown a mind of its own and has been going here and there and everywhere. Which is why it has become somewhat difficult for me to put together a comprehensive post [or do anything else that requires concentration]. But. I can not leave you without some interior inspiration as another hot summer week starts. That just does not feel right. Let my mind continue to do the thinking bit. Sending a burst of colors for your bedrooms from my heart. :-)

Will be back with more substantial eye candy as the week progresses and my mind rests. Come and meet me again this week. And 'Knock' on the comments section so that I know you visited.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Miami Beach - Introducing Pinetree Drive

One of the nicest areas of Miami Beach is Pinetree Drive, which is just west of Collins Ave. and stretches from 23rd street to 63rd street. Lined with some of the largest homes on Miami Beach, this popular area is conveniently located, and downtown Miami, South Beach, and Miami International Airport are just minutes away. Waterfront homes line the east side of Pinetree Drive, and less expensive non-waterfront homes line the west side, with home prices presently ranging from $899,000 to $23,000,000. There are now 44 homes for sale on Pinetree Drive. Enjoy the aerial view in the video below.

Pinetree Drive On Miami Beach Aerial View

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Miami Housing Market Report

Recently, CBS4 came out with a report, which stated that according to Forbes Magazine, Miami is #1 on the list of the top ten worst selling housing markets in the country. The CBS4 report, goes on to say that during the peak real estate market of 2004, prices were climbing through the ceiling, with increases in home values of about $1000 a week. These days the story is quite the opposite, however, with home prices falling a whopping $1250 a week, so far this year.

Further declines in home prices are expected in
Miami. The overbuilding by greedy developers with the blessings of some politicians a few years ago has a lot to do with it, as there is presently a large oversupply of condominium units in the Miami area. Many new buildings are still under construction, and the units in those condo buildings will also have to be sold. That spells high supply, low demand, which translates into prices continuing to fall, at least in the condo market.

Florida Association of Realtors and Jack McCabe of McCabe Research recently reported that the over supply of condos and town homes in Dade County is represented by more than 24,000 condo units for sale in the Miami area. According to the report, that represents a five-year supply.

Today, I am looking at...

...these images. Sharing today's cache of inspiration with you

I am going to get a couple of ladders for my home soon...use them as book shelves, towel racks, or just hang a streamer or two...

Could a bed get any simpler...or more beautiful than this?

The charm of an easel on old floor

Got to convert one of those brass thalis (plates) into a centre table...

Why does blue always looks so pretty and serene?

Madam Stoltz 2008 catalogue is out!

All I need here is a pillow and a book!

Leisurely dining

Chattai (grass floor covering)

Funky chairs!

[From Taschen , Madam Stoltz and RusticFurniture]

Monday, May 5, 2008

Aventura Florida - A Fine Miami Community

Aventura Florida is one of Miami’s finest communities, and is home to Aventura Mall, as well as to the very private Turnberry Isle golf course. Aventura has been referred to as the Beverly Hills of Florida, because it is located very close to the ocean, and right between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, making the airports in both cities easily accessible to the frequent traveler. Many fine homes and condos can be found in the city of Aventura, which has become home to an international population. Enjoy the video tour below.

Introducing Aventura Florida

Friday, May 2, 2008

2 Ultra Luxury Miami Beach Homes Sold

5050 North Bay Road Miami Beach Florida Sold For $13,100,000

Two ultra luxury homes sold this week on Miami Beach. 5050 North Bay Road, which had been listed for $18,900,000, sold for $13,100,000 after having been on the market for sale for almost 8 months. North Bay Road has been home to many celebrities in past years, including personalities like the Bee Gees, Jennifer Lopez, Thalia, Tommy Mottola and a number of others. 24 S. Hibiscus Drive on Hibiscus Island was listed for $14,900,000, and sat on the market for 6 years, when this week a buyer paid $10,600,000 for the 13,000 square feet Miami Beach home.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Eastern Inspired Living @ Lombok

When I received an email from Nick of LOMBOK about their spring-summer collection inspired by the East, I visualized a collection full of bright colors and some what expected Eastern kitsch. But I was very pleasantly surprised to see a collection so classy, subtle and contemporary! LOMBOK has very effectively picked up nuances of Eastern design, local craft and textures, and designed it's products keeping a global home maker as the focus customer.

LOMBOK's collection is primarily from Indonesia and Vietnam. In their own words:
Our passion is to use recycled and natural materials wherever possible, for pieces that are naturally stylish and comfortable with that reassuring lived-in feel. We do everything we can to be an ethical producer. The key principles in the sourcing of materials for LOMBOK’s furniture and accessories are that they should all be: legal, Government approved and natural. This year we have scoured the globe to extend our furniture range, bringing you some distinctly oriental elements plus a gorgeous upholstered collection. Having listened to our customers, we have also developed a wealth of accessories including lighting and desktop items, textiles and basketry.


Windlights, Candle lights from their Accessory section
Other uniquely designed items

I am completely taken in by this gorgeous collection! I know where to head, when I next visit London :-)