Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Complicated

 I recently saw the movie It's Complicated and fell in love. No, not with Alec Baldwin (although, he did look pretty cute in the movie) but with Meryl Streep's house in the movie. I want to live there, yesterday!  : )

 I love Spanish-style homes plus the gigantic front yard and swing... Perfect!

Such a pretty hallway... all the light, the arches. I love the floors. Wide plank wood floors make me happy.

Such a fun and comfy room.

Love, love, love the kitchen.

 I want the headboard so badly!! If anyone knows where I can find it let me know. : )

Deep In The Heart of Texas

While decorating my soon-to-be-born baby's nursery, I've been browsing Apartment Therapy and Ohdeeohmy bed! for cool, modern inspirations.  Today, I found these fantastic pillows, one of which I would love to have on.

You can find your state (and even customize the color and where your heart lies) at Love, California on Etsy.  This would actually make a perfect gift for my sister and her husband- two Texans living in California.  Nothing like getting some Christmas shopping done early!

Modern And Elegant Bedroom Collections From Gautier - give you fresh decorating ideas

Gautier is a design company founded in 1958. We found some really nice bedroom arrangements on their site which we hope will give you fresh decorating ideas. Most of them are simple, sober and elegant, with wooden furniture and stylish carpets to go with it. The color mix goes from mild to fresh, but the overall effect is always pleasing. You will rarely see strong colors – the green and red pillows are an exception, but with a lovely effect. Flowers and paintings make the interiors lively and also help personalizing every room. Small details and decorative items such as bottles and tea cups really manage to make a difference. We also like the floor lamps and the night stands. Enjoy!

Modern And Elegant Bedroom Collections From Gautier - give you fresh decorating ideas

Modern And Elegant Bedroom Collections From Gautier - give you fresh decorating ideas

Modern And Elegant Bedroom Collections From Gautier - give you fresh decorating ideas

Modern And Elegant Bedroom Collections From Gautier - give you fresh decorating ideas

Modern And Elegant Bedroom Collections From Gautier - give you fresh decorating ideas

Elegant Sofa for Modern Living Room

modern sofa
modern sofa
The Cut Sofa and Chair by Domenico de Palo
Elegant Sofa for Modern Living Room
Modern Sofa Design
.We all know how difficult choosing and finding a modern sofa might be.., So Here I show you a collection of modern seating furniture from Momentoitalia which may be suitable for your sleeping and entertaining areas. Their modern sofa beds are made in Italy and imported from Italy.Their sofas have a modern design yet are strong and durable,the bed system is easy to use and very comfortable. The selection of sofa beds is unique; their sofa beds combine comfort,design and functionality. Their modern sofa beds open with easy movement, can come also in sectional versions and feature a completely removable cover
Modern Sofa Design
modern furniture
modern furniture
Modern Living room Interior Design
Luxury Design Sofas
Luxury Classic Sofa and Armchairs
Have you ever found sofa beds who combine a sectional sofa,a reclining chair, a single bed and a double bed all in one? Now you found it. This modern sofa bed is all you need for your room. Starting as a regular sectional sofa with two seater element and a chaise lounge, the two seats slides forward into chaise positions. You can slide one seat more and unfold the seat cushion to reveal a single bed, or you can slide both seats to have a double bed. Modern design and plenty of creativity, this modern sofa bed is very innovative in its field.Elegant Sofa for Modern Living Room

contemporary sofa
contemporary sofa
Home Interior Design
Contemporary Sofas Design
designer sofa
designer sofa
Modern Furniture Design
Interior Design
living room sofa
living room sofa
Living Room
Furniture Designs

Minimalist Multifunctional Furniture: A Folding Chair Into The Ladder

Your house is a minimalist design? minimalism is the key word for the occupancy or minimalist homes, they need practical, concise, and multifunctional. This minimalist furniture is one of them:

Furniture and versatile multifunctionality Minimalism

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Minimalist Furniture Design Multipurpose and Multifunctional

Your house is a minimalist design? location and limited space at home? The following furniture might be an option for home owners and minimalist. Form of simple furniture, modern and practical, as it can change the function, practical and change shape in an instant.
Sofa Design is simple orange in a flash can be changed into a Bunk Bed for 2 people

Daytime functioning as a desk, and at night becomes a comfortable bed.

Complete work space turned into a bedroom at night

One again, the Design the sofa to Bunk Bed

Naturally Luxury Bedroom Design Interior Ideas

The bedroom is one of the most
places in every home. Place to rest and recover naturally after every tiring day. Create the right conditions in order to complete your holiday really.

 Beautiful Bedroom Interior
Beautiful Bedroom Interior
Bed:Of where your body will relaxing night depends on the overall status and condition of the body during the day. Furthermore lines dimensions of great importance are the bed height, its location in the room, sound structure and type of mattress frame and mattress.

Modern and Luxury Bedroom

Luxury Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom wardrobe is almost as important as the bed itself. Well constructed area in need ensure tidy bedroom closet without much effort.

Great Bedroom Interior
Great Bedroom Interior Ideas
Electronic devices: Generally, it is recommended that you are surrounded by electronic devices, especially during sleep. If it can not be missing out on some of them better, at least most of them far head.

Modern Bedroom Designs

Modern Bedroom Designs
Lighting: Proper lighting creates atmosphere. Avoid fluorescent lighting because their light is very aggressive and intrusive. Bedside tables with lamps are an important element in the planning of the bedroom. They comply with the height of the bed.

Luxury Bedroom Interior Design
Luxury Bedroom Interior Design
In addition to these desktop lamps can be wall or hanging from the ceiling. The discreet lighting is often preferred in the bedroom. Better fit and floor lamps, bracket lamps, lighting inside wardrobe, dressing for mobile lighting, adjustable lighting.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Palm Island Home Sold For $11,950,000

Palm Island in Miami Beach is one of South Florida's finest communities. Centrally located, it takes only 10 minutes to drive to the Miami International Airport, and 5 minutes to drive to world renowned South Beach, aka SOBE.

Recently, a luxury home on Palm Island sold for $11,950,000. The property, located at 55 Palm Ave. is situated on a lot measuring 30,000 square feet, with 100 linear feet of water frontage. The restored 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms house, is very spacious with more than 12,000 square feet of living space, and boasts 12 feet high cathedral ceilings, and beautiful views of the intercoastal water way.

Most noteworthy is that the property was previously purchased in 2003 for $2,900,000 and then again in 2004 for $3,400,000. The 1920's house was subsequently restored with a 10,000 square feet addition, and sold once again -- for a whopping profit. Could prices in Miami be climbing again -- not, or does the new owner know something that the rest of us don't? Is this sale a precursor of a once again active and thriving Miami real estate market? The next 12 months or so should bring some answers.

Roman's Top Ten Countdown # 7

Hi Everyone! This next one took me a while because I didn't know what was worth the #7 spot. The Shi Shi Table (#049651; $859) is a mirrored gem of a table and is definitely a glamorous addition to your home.
The curved legs of the table is what makes this an outstanding piece, in my opinion.

Design Minimalist House Upside Down

Design minimalist house upside down

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Outdoor LED Lighting Installation Guides

Enhance the nighttime curb appeal of your home—and add a measure of safety and security—with low-voltage Outdoor lighting. These exterior-grade fixtures are typically placed along walkways and driveways, but they’re also ideal for illuminating steps, trees, stonewalls, fences and other prominent landscape features. Here are several guidance in how to installing an outdoor lighting with led lighting.
outdoor lighting

The first thing should considering before installation is the allow the basic rules for outdoor lighting installations, include checking local code regarding outdoor lighting. Don't forget to always use type UF cable for underground wiring. The UF implies that there must be a fuse breaker inside the house at the starting point of the underground wiring installation.

landscape lighting

Weatherproof switches are another important thing that are required, its a good idea to prepare an outlet boxes in both flush-mount or surface mount styles. Before you begin, shut off the electrical current at the main switch box, mount a breaker or a fuse box in a location similar to the underground wiring installation.
outdoor lights lamp installation

Dig a hole about 2" deep with an ordinary post hole digger or tiling spade, run cable up trough the lamppost, then fill the hole with about 12" of concrete mix. Insert the lamppost into the concrete mix in an upright, plumb position. every outdoor lighting lamp part exposed to the touch must also be grounded.
outdoor led lighting
Many of the newer outdoor lights come equipped with photoelectric eyes or motion sensors or both. If your light does not have this type of control built in, you may wish add a timer, permanent timer switches are readily available and can be pre-set for any on/off times.

10 Most Unique Home Design in The World

Houses are a reflection of the personality of the owner. For a well-established, houses are often used as a reflection of his establishment, as a form of manifestation of the achievements in life. For a young family, a house desirable as a place that symbolized the start to live a long life full of struggle in order to achieve happiness.

For the realization of These symbols, many people are willing to reach into the pocket of her, in order to realize a dream house.

But it occurred to by your view of how an artist on a house? Type, such as whether the house they desire?

For an artist, the house is a 'canvas' or the media to realize the expression of his artistic soul. Curious how the forms? please see pictures below.

Pumpkin House Design

Hobbit House Design

Shoe House Design

Design House Round

Sphere House Design

Pink Castle Design

Kettle House Design

Design House Grass Ceiling

Half Circle Design House

Ball House Design

After viewing the unique design of the house. if you are interested in creating a design house like the one above?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elegant Luxury Bathroom Interior Design - relaxation and tranquility

The bathroom is part of the interior of our house barely a century, now undergoing a very rapid and remarkable evolution. From a purely practical enrich its functions continuously and today it is the symbol of care, but also spa procedures at home to fight the stress of personal time and space. Elegance, romance and functionality combined with high quality, consistent with environmental protection to create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

Modern Bathroom Design

Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern Sink Design Ideas

Modern Sink Design Ideas
Sinks are a variety of styles and forms. Whether attached to the wall, placed on a countertop or other basis, they may simultaneously be both a work of art and a reflection of your own lifestyle and taste.

Modern Bathroom Sink Design

Modern Sink Design Ideas
Ceramics, glass and stainless steel are the main materials that prefer the leading producer of high durability and easy maintenance, a real jewel in the large sink is made of hand-molded piece "royal stone. Her natural radiance gives a unique atmosphere and a few curious unique.I news in the field - now you can install a TV behind the mirror on the wall especially in the bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Mirror

Luxury Bathroom Mirror Design
The mirror looks like any other until the lights darken and not the TV. High criteria and fastidious taste even given birth need to infrared sauna - meet new technologies with old ideas and innovations are born so that change our way of life. For sports therapy and massage or infrared heat relaxes the muscles and increases their flexibility. Made from red cedar, the sauna offers dry heat only loins pressing a single button.

Luxury Bathroom Interior Design

Luxury Bathroom Interior Design
The bathroom becomes a temple where his thoughts relief from the busy day, refillable with new energy and interaction with the environment of water, wood, flowers and spices. A combination of technologies in their pure forms and colors to complement the designers only magical triad-quality-type use.