Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chinese Traditional Bedroom design

Chinese bedroom
Traditional Chinese bedroom now only used for ceremonial function, traditional wedding and another cultural ceremony. The most dominant in Chinese culture is the use of red and gold color.

Chinese bedroom

Wooden Prefab home Design

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3481/3303804600_d53f595a2b.jpg?v=0Prefab home is one of creative house design ideas that use unusual home design, most of prefab home used rectangular shape in all the room and the roof, so, it's not suitable for rainy country, with creative ideas, prefab house had a high sense of art.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Modern white home interior design, an elegant and clean home

Modern white home interior design, an elegant and clean homeHave you ever planned to make your house in white color, these white modern home interior design may be suitable with your plan.
Modern white home interior design, an elegant and clean home

Modern white home interior design, an elegant and clean home

Friday, March 27, 2009

Creative Living room Design Ideas from Channel4

Want a no-fuss room? Don't have any pattern at all - instead, co-ordinate your furniture with your walls and flooring, but keep the tones of your chosen colour very close. This will help the room feel more intimate.
Creative Living room Design Ideas from Channel4Dressing your surfaces - coffee tables, shelves, side tables - is a real art. The trick is not to overdo it and to choose co-ordinating pieces for each part of the room
Creative Living room Design Ideas from Channel4
Swedish style is so easy to live with - choose cool colours for a classic look that won't date. [via-channel4]
Creative Living room Design Ideas from Channel4

Four Seasons Condo For A Great Price $1,175,000

Four Seasons Condo at 1425 Brickell Ave. For Sale
Four Seasons Condo at 1425 Brickell Ave. For Sale $1,175,000

There is a great deal on a 2 bedrooms condo in the Four Seasons, one of Miami’s finest residences, and the tallest residential tower south of New York City. Standing 70 stories high, the Four Seasons Millennium Towers caters to those who demand the highest quality, as well as a luxury lifestyle.

The wonderful 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms apartment (
see virtual tour), features floor to ceiling high impact glass, hurricane proof windows, and absolutely amazing views of the city and bay. Located on the 48th floor, unit 48C is on the market for sale, for an asking price of $1,175,000, after just being reduced from $1,300,000.

The sought after corner unit is equipped with top of the line appliances, such as a Miele stove top and oven, and a Sub-Zero refrigerator. The luxury condo is finished with marble floors.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Simple Asian Home Design

Asian Home Design
Asian is one of multi culture big island, with most of the country is located in tropic weather, that's why, most of Asian home used traditional material for their house, such as wood, bamboo and rattan. Here are a simple Asian home design with Chinese home decorations, taken from talkzori, a simple house design from Asian.
Asian Home Design
Green and dominated with tree is one of tropical country, it's a convenience house with much oxygen you can breath there.
Asian Home Design

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Japanese Room Design Inspiration

Japanese Room Design Inspiration
Traditional Japanese style is inspiring many a modern architect. Japnese room design inspiration can be applied in much home designing part, Bedroom, Bahtroom, Living room and another room, with minimalist design of chair and table make the Japanese room style allow us to use as minimum as possible.
Japanese Room Design Inspiration

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miami Luxury Homes - Why Don't They Sell?

Miami home for sale Luxury homes in the hundreds, line the greater Miami Beach community, which stretches from South Beach (1st and Ocean Drive) all the way through Bal Harbour (96th through 102nd St.), and is one of the nicest areas in all of South Florida; the real estate in this area is very desirable. So why aren’t luxury homes selling? Is it the economy? It is partially the economy, but homeowners, as well as realtors, are also somewhat responsible.

Miami Beach is an area with some of the most desirable luxury homes in Florida, and although the economy is in a big mess, with so very many foreclosures, luxury homeowners have not been as hard hit as many others, whose homes are valued at far lower prices. Nevertheless, sellers continue to list their homes with realtors, at inflated prices, which they cannot possibly hope to obtain. Many realtors, in their zest to secure a listing on a luxury property, will often list at almost any price that the seller dictates.

These actions hurt everyone. Sellers truly believe that the realtor they have chosen to work with would not be willing to take on a property, which they will not be able to sell, but agents don’t want to lose the listing to other agents who will market the property at a higher price, so they take the listing. The unfortunate result is that luxury homes have flooded the Miami market place at inflated prices, and sales are few and far between.

Most people prefer fact to fiction. There are some facts that sellers of residential real estate in Miami should know. For example, according to the Southeast Florida multiple listing service, there are presently 266 residential waterfront properties listed for sale in the greater Miami Beach area. Since January 1st of this year, there have been only 6 closings of listed waterfront homes, and 9 waterfront homes are presently listed as pending sales.

Homeowners, who hope to sell their property, are going to have to come to grips with the reality of the present, something that can sometimes be very difficult to accept. They must be either willing to market their homes at prices that will bring in buyers, or they really ought to take their homes off of the market altogether. Realtors, too, have to be a lot more determined, and must educate homeowners, and make them aware of actual market value, without fear of losing their client.

Gazebo, a wooden house from Java

Gazebo, a wooden house from JavaGazebo is one of favorite building in Javanese, this small house usually located on the garden, used for relaxing or finding inspiration. This Javanese building has been adopted on another Asian home design style.
Gazebo, a wooden house from JavaThere are a lot of kind of gazebo, a simple or complex, the use of wooden material make this building so expensive, visit indonetwork to find the information about Javanese Gazebo.
Gazebo, a wooden house from Java
More Gazebo design:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bathroom Lighting ideas, make it a romance bathroom

Bathroom Lightning ideas
Except room's color and style, lighting ideas also one of considerable thing to create a romance bathroom, on these home interior picture, we can see several lighting ideas for bathroom in creating a romantic room. Suitable for personal room or apartment hotel.
Bathroom Lightning ideas

Bathroom Lightning ideas

Bathroom Lightning ideas

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Japanese Room Design Interior

Japanese Room Design InteriorJapanese room interior design always dominated by wooden color and materials, in traditional Japanese home design, there is always use shoji as room devider or wall, that specialized for their four seasons, but Japanese room interior design, we seldom see the ornament of Japanese culture.

Japanese Room Design Interior

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Contemporary Prefab Home Design from FlatPak

Contemporary Prefab Home DesignContemporary Prefab Home Design from FlatPak, Prefab home design use unususl design, this prefab design need to assembly, created from wood materials, with glass as the room devider, designed by FlatPak, Photo courtesy of Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
Contemporary Prefab Home Design
Contemporary Prefab Home Design

Friday, March 20, 2009

'Gebyok', Javanese traditional door design

gebyok, Javanese doorGebyok, or Gebyog is a traditional door or room divider in javanese culture, made from a choice jati wood, this wooden sculpture is suitable for an ancient sense house, in Java, gebyok is an expensive door, because the cost of material is expensive, and spent long time to create it.
gebyok, Javanese doorAn old gebyok has special value, so the price can reached up to 1 thousand dollars more, it better to search gebyok in the center of Javanese culture.
gebyok, Javanese door

Miami Beach Luxury Home Owner Rips Off 600 People

Miami Beach home owner Edward OkunEdward Okun, owner of a multi-million dollar luxury home on Miami Beach’s Hibiscus Island, was jailed as a common swindler yesterday, after being convicted of bilking 600 people out of $132 million dollars in a Ponzi scheme. Okun was the sole owner of the now defunct Investment Properties of America and the 1031 Tax Group, both based in Richmond, Virginia.
Miami Beach real estate
During the trial, prosecutors presented evidence to show that Okun (in photo above at his 2005 wedding) used the money generated from his Ponzi scam, to fund a lavish lifestyle, which included a 5,500 square feet luxury waterfront home on a large lot on Miami Beach’s prestigious Hibiscus Island, as well as planes, cars, boats, and his lavish wedding in 2005.

Okun, 58, took the money that he collected from unwary people, who used his company to defer taxes on capital gains of property sales, and used it as his own. In court, his attorney said that Okun didn’t feel he did anything wrong, and that he had always intended to return the money.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best dinning room design with minimalist furniture

Best dinning room design with minimalist furniture with kitchenBest home design in dinningroom is always use complete furniture, so, it will make the room so full and lack of space, the use of minimalist furniture on dinning room can reduce the usage of the room. A combination of kitchen and dinning room is one of choice on creating best dinning room design.
Best dinning room design with minimalist furnitureMinimalist furniture or modern furniture is the trend of todays concept in creating minimalist room design, glass table, unusual chair shape and another new look furniture design is one of ideas in decorate dinning room with minimalist furniture.
Best dinning room design with minimalist furniture

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where am I?

Hello! Sorry for not posting in a long time. I am traveling, and will be back home this weekend.

Talk to you then!


Donald Trump Declares Greatest Time In History To Buy Real Estate

Speaking by phone on Larry King Live last night, Donald Trump declared that this is the greatest time in history to buy real estate. He stated that there are great opportunities to buy property right now, and that he has just purchased a number of properties, and is continuing to buy more real estate. He said that even those people, who do not have a lot of money, could do well in this market, if they go to the bank and buy one of the bank owned properties, while asking the bank to take back the mortgage.

Trump seemed to be as disgusted with the banks as most Americans, and called them incompetent. He said that the government has stuffed the banks with billions of dollars, but the banks won’t lend the money.

When told by Larry King that 45% of Americans believe we are headed to a depression, Trump said that he wouldn’t go as far as saying there will be a depression, but he does think that things are going to further deteriorate, before they improve.

He approves of the job that President Obama is doing, he said, because Obama does need to keep the banks in this country alive. Speaking about the bailout money that the government seems intent on dishing out to large institutions, Trump said that he thinks that the money should be given to the people instead, rather than to the large corporations. He said that in two years, things would be back to the way they were in the “old days”, but with some restrictions.

Natural and modern bathroom combination in green and blue

Natural and modern bathroomModern and natural concept can application in bathroom design. In this bathroom picture we could see modern and natural combination application in contemporary bathroom. Modern style can we see at two modern bathtub and modern faucet. This bathroom very large suitable for people live in apartment. With white color domination in this interior bathroom make look clean and healthy bathroom. Natural concept could be find in this bathroom design with many plants decorate in this bathroom, beside that we can find wooden bathroom furniture make beautiful this bathroom.
Natural and modern bathroom
Natural and modern bathroom

Monday, March 16, 2009

Best bedroom design in color and design

Best bedroom design in color and designBest bedroom design in color and design

Best way in combining the color and the design of the bedroom is choosing the similar color and convenience of the shape, the bedroom is a place for relaxing when we are sleeping, so, it;s important to choose a convenience one.
Best bedroom design in color and designBest bedroom design in color and design
Best bedroom design in color and designDon't be afraid to try choosing a new or latest bedroom design, here is a ultra modern bedroom from casamodern, Monroe features soft touch florescent lighting in headboard, eliminating the need for table lamps. Mattress (not included) supported by a solid pine-slat mattress base. Solid hardwood construction.

Best bedroom design in color and design
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wall Decor, make your room more beauty

metal art wall decorSimple, elegant, cheap or expensive, that's the way to decor your home, wall decor, one of several way to make our room more beauty. Metal art likes on above picture is one of my favorite wall decor. Another to decor your wall is create a creative fabric panels.

art wall decor

Friday, March 13, 2009

Best color for bathroom, contemporary, green or blue

Bathroom color always uses similar color with another room color, but we can also create a different color for our bathroom, green, blue or contemporary. The best color is our favorite color.
The dark vanity and light limestone tile give this bathroom a unique modern style known in Vancouver as "Liberty".