Monday, April 30, 2012

Andy Pickering, Pilot Magazine

Take a closer look at the design elements, typography and photography of independently awesome Pilot magazine (NZ) and listen to creator Andy Pickering talk about the process and lessons learned since Issue One. 

Cupboard designs.

Cupboard designs.

Modern Bathroom Cabinets

Bedroom Wall Lamps

Bedroom Ceiling Fan designs

Curtain Designs

Stylish Design in Brown curtains

Ceiling Fans Designs

Stylish Fan

Modern Ceiling fan

Stylish ceiling Fan

Stylish Ceiling Fan

Stylish Ceiling Fan


Starting this fine week with some pretteh images from Aura's catalogue. Aura, based in Melbourne, has been designed and founded by Tracie Ellis. Working with artisans in India, Aura creates original, contemporary bedlinen and home accessories with a focus on exquisite colours, unique fabrics and beautiful, handcrafted finishes. Take a look at their lovely collections here folks!

[All Images: Aura]

Spotted from the Crow's Nest:Beach House TourKiawah Island Seaside Escape

The Carolina coast is somewhat of a forgotten seashore yet one of the most beautiful this country has to offer. Just outside of Charleston, SC, the "Low Country" as it is often referred to is known for it's beaches, oysters and exceptional southern hospitality. Kiawah is one many private islands that make up the scenic low country. Today's house tour featured on Seaside Style is what we like to think of as the perfect low country home.

Kitchen: You can't go wrong with a classic white kitchen. The large island with bar stools is again just the thing to make you kitchen a social space for your family and friends. The antique glass jars on the bar are the perfect simple accessory without getting in the way of the kitchen functionality. 

Living Room: It's so refreshing to walk into a home and see the furniture planned around the fireplace rather than a TV. This more formal living room is still very inviting and just oozes southern charm. 

Staircase: This architectural feature aside from it's practical use is almost sculptural. The south is known for is dramatic staircases, you can almost see Scarlett O'Hara floating down. 

Nook: My favorite spot in this house, it adds a cozy quality and gives you a small space to have fun with art and fabric. 

Bedroom: The shape combined with the sea foam color almost makes you feel as if you are on a ship.

Bathroom: You can't look at this tub without instantly wanting to slip in and take a bubble bath. The big windows are perfect for gazing out onto the beautiful low country while you unwind. 

Porch: A good southern home is nothing without a big porch. Southerner's know that a wrap around porch is where you spend most of your time, it may even be more important than the actual interior. 

Images: Seaside Style