Thursday, February 26, 2009

Combining storehouse furniture to create a niche livingroom

niche livingroom
niche livingroomHere are several best interior room design by combining a several of furniture, including floor cabinets, wall mounted storage cabinet, and Wooden Shelves fixed to wall. Its also can be combined by lounge chair and rug. [casamodern]

At CasaModern, homeowners and interior designers alike will find different styles, brands and ideas in a premier online design resource for looking for modern and contemporary designer furniture. Architects, designers, trade professionals and discerning customers will find this resource helpful in evaluating rapidly changing interior design demands and home decor tastes of the Indian market.
More Living Room Furniture:
Room Designing with Chinese classic furniture | Modern living room with minimalist furniture | Elegant living room with minimalist furniture | Redesigned living room with furniture

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The New Style of Minimalist Room Design

house remodeling with minimalist room designA new look of minimalist room design from HDB, conducted for a range of low income people to the middle income, a new style that breaks traditions and notions. On above picture, there is a modern bedroom design with wooden floor, there is a small space on the corner that used for bookcase. A house remodeling ideas that bring new look in home improvement concept to be one of best home design.
modern dinning roomA new look of modern dinning room with creative wall design. Wall remodeling bring the new sense and look of contemporary and modern concept. This modern dinning room had balance composition between dinning furniture, room's lighting, floor and wall design.
modern living roomAnother wall design as a room divider with another room, this simple room used a glass table, the sofa have a minimalist style with lower and rectangle shape. Maximize below minimalist room with convenience "small office" in our house, a smart house remodeling ideas.
a smart house remodeling ideas

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Purple Color in minimalist room design

minimalist room designWall as the main component of room can be colored as we like, a few people like to use purple color, as the combination of blended blue and red.
minimalist room designhere are several purple sofa and modern chair with purple color, the purple color need a combination with another dark and bright color. Dark color for floor and the bright color is for wall.
minimalist room design

Monday, February 23, 2009

Minimalist Room Design on Modern Interior

minimalist room designI posted several minimalist room design, a trend of several latest year in best home remodeling design, this style of home decorating and furniture arranging is still the favorite for everyone that want to maximize their usage of rooms.
minimalist room designThis simple concept use a newly look of furniture shape with unusual and creative construction, so we can't imagine about the basic rule of minimalist room design.
minimalist room design

Traditional Fireplace, Make Your Room Warm

fireplaceA traditional and antique fireplace is one of artistic option on fireplace choosing, completed with a simple of egypt or Italian wall design, can make our room warmer while enjoying the sense of naturality in the midle of the cold of day.
fireplacethere a lot of way to create a best home design, fireplace is one of important room's component to get a convenience environtment.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Don't Do this on Home Design, Big Mistake Decoration

Big Mistake DecorationThere are several mistakes on home design, not suitable color choice, how to locate the right furniture on the right place, the function and the location of furniture etc, on above picture, its a big mistake to put much picture on your wall, its look an irreguler arangement of decoration.

How about above picture, a really-really bad room, don't locate too much or fully decoration or furniture, to avoid this, we can use several minimalist furniture.Big Mistake DecorationYes, it looks that the room is good, but there a little mistake, never put a floating or a chair with roller over the rug, its a malfunction. The best way to avoid a mistake in home designing is read a lot of book about home design, and find out other best home design.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Chinese Modern Interior Design from

minimalist room designDark Blue, Purple and another dark color is the common trend color for interior design in Chinese style right now, based on Yoka's design, these are several best home design interior with more dark colors.
minimalist room designA combination of dark blue table and white chair.
minimalist room design
a combination of purple chair with a creative modern wall decorations.

Miami Beach Homes For Sale

Homes for sale - Miami BeachLots and lots of properties are for sale on Miami Beach, and that is neither a play on words, nor an exaggeration. The marketplace is flooded with properties that remain unsold month after month, as more and more homes become available for sale. An examination of the luxury market in Miami Beach tells a dire tale.

As of today, there are 40 listed waterfront properties for sale on the Venetian Islands, with 11 homes for sale on Rivo Alto Island, 13 homes for sale on Dilido Island, 3 homes for sale on San Marino Island, and another 13 properties for sale on San Marco and Biscayne Islands. The 5 islands mentioned, along with Belle Isle, comprise the Venetian Islands.

Palm Island and Hibiscus Island, which lie just south of the Venetian Islands, are also part of Miami Beach. On those 2 islands, a total of 31 waterfront properties are listed for sale, with 16 available waterfront homes on Palm Island and 15 on Hibiscus Island. The 4 Sunset Islands lie just northeast of the Venetian Islands, and 14 waterfront properties are listed on the Sunset Islands, with 7 listed homes on Sunset Island I and II, and 7 on Sunset Island III and IV.

North Bay Road is located on the west side of Miami Beach, and is well known for its exclusivity. It has been home to the Bee Gees, Jennifer Lopez, Thalia, Shakira, and a number of other well-known personalities. There are 16 waterfront homes listed on North Bay Road.

Who is going to buy all of these homes? Are the buyers out there? The answer is, yes. However, the resistance to purchasing a property is greater than ever, as buyers sit on the sidelines, afraid to buy a home that might not appreciate for some time to come. An additional problem is that the banks are still not lending money, so even when a buyer is ready, willing, and financially able, the banks won’t close the loans.

What does it all mean? Buyers must be savvier than ever before, and sellers must realize that by lowering the asking prices on their homes, they are not giving their properties away, as many sellers have expressed. Sellers who really want their properties sold, are going to necessarily have to become much more realistic, and realize the market is no longer what it was a few years ago; and there is no evidence whatsoever that indicates an appreciating housing market in the near future.

When properties on small lots are being listed on the Venetian Islands for up to almost 8 million dollars, and other properties on North Bay Road, on larger lots, are listed for less than 4 million dollars, something is amiss. North Bay Road homes have generally had substantially more value than Venetian Island homes.

The news is not all bad, however, because there has been a slight increase in activity, with more buyers appearing in the marketplace. When the banks start lending, things will improve, and when sellers become more realistic, more homes will be sold.

3D Interior Design for Modern and Minimalist House Design

minimalist kitchen designWhat is your favorite color for your interior?, It doesn't matter anymore after you seen these picture, several sample of 3D interior design for modern and minimalist room design from virtual company, a Spain home design style. A series of creating best home design with house remodeling steps.
minimalist bedroom design
best home design

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are you in the mood...

..for some shopping?

Or, maybe virtual window shopping in these times of recession ;-)

Don't look any further

Here are two sumptuous online shops

Bringing India closer home to you

Devotion: The online emporium

From marble decor objects to brass thaalis (plates) to gorgeous cushion/pillow covers to dresses by Brigitte Singh - you will find it all at Devotion!

L'aviva home

L'aviva Home brings to you a series of curated online trunk shows, showcasing goods from India and Africa. Current showcase is of textiles and objects..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Donald Trump Tells People To Buy Real Estate Now

Donald Trump was a topic of discussion today. Appearing on the CNN program, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, the Donald told everyone watching, that this is a great time to buy real estate, and that he is presently doing just that. He went on to say that there are many bargains out there, and that those who have the means, should be buying if they can get into great deals.

Blitzer asked him how one could know that a deal is a great one, in light of the possibility that home prices may continue to fall. Trump felt very confident that a person making a great deal now, would be happy with the investment in years to come.

All of this happened, as Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for bankruptcy today. Trump insists that the company bears his name only, and that it represents less than 1% of his total holdings. He said he had nothing to do with the management of the company.

Trump expressed, in another interview, that the difficulty in the economy is that the banks won’t lend money. He suggests that the government should not give the banks bailout money unless they loan it out.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

~ Stuff launching and happening ~

These lovely people wrote to me over the last couple of months, sharing their work, ideas and new products. Take a look at all the goodness:

Manreet Deol's Jewelery

Manreet is product designer based out of Brooklyn and Delhi. She has recently started working on jewelery and here is what she says about her work: "My jewelry is often organic in appeal, inspired by travels to Borneo, Bali, NY and my interpretation of the textural vocabulary of each culture ( Rice grains, Frangipani flowers, corals, wisteria wines etc ). They are made of recycled polished brass in the sand-casting method. I love using this ancient casting process in which my clay sculptings are cast into recycled metal from a fresh new sand mold each and every time.I enjoy collaborating w/ craftspeople who would ordinarily utilize this casting technique for making household goods"

Manreet is looking out for retailers in India and all over the world. Reach out to Manreet in case you would like to stock her gorgeous collection!

Art by Aarohi Singh

Aarohi a self taught artist paints in oil, acrylics, watercolor, pastels and works on paper, canvas, metal, cardboard, wood and fabric! Phew! To say the least, she is extremely talented! In her own words: "My art is sometimes coloured by chalk pastels, other times ink, sometimes by oils, even charcoal; but always, always finished with my view of the world"

See more of her paintings and her interpretation of kitsch, at her blog - Art by Aarohi

Psst: Aarohi, I am looking forward to see you exhibit in Delhi/Gurgaon sometime soon :)

Post-its Notes left to their fate... public places! 'Copywriter' leaves little hand-written/drawn post-it notes in the city (Singapore) for people to find and take a few seconds out of their busy lives to think about the 'things we forget'.

Find more about these notes at the To Do blog.

Indian/Asian Graphic Designers - Submit your link!

Johnny, the author of the blog Spoon and Tamagi is an artist and writer based out of New York and Tokyo. And he is writing a book on graphic design in Asia, with the objective of exposing the great quality work being done in Asia that might not necessarily be mainstream.

So, if you are a graphic designer, or know of one, do make sure you submit your details here!

iukbox - Art production agency

iukbox is an European art production agency that aims at the promotion of designers and artists. At the crossroads of design and contemporary art, iukbox invites artists and designers to invent objects that can be edited in limited series. The agency proposes a follow up from conception to execution and takes care of the distribution.

You can also invite iukbox to your home or office. They can arrange an exclusive presentation of their collection in the comfort of your surroundings… your very own private opening!

Spunky Sprouts!

Spunky Sprouts is a one-stop shopping for modern, unique and colorful products for kids with fabulous style—and their parents! is also the best place on earth to find exceptional, must-have lifestyle gifts from Europe and America for the sophisticated family

BEHR - The one stop paint shop has been relaunched and has many features as part of its new avtaar. You can view inspiration galleries, use the virtual color center to replicate the retail experience, create your workbooks and explore many more exciting DIY options.

Click now to give your room a virtual makeover!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Natural Color in Modern Furniture for Best Home Design

best home designGreen, Yellow and Orange are several natural color that usually used for designing a modern home or furniture, as a best home design, it is not just use a minimalist design only, the color of furniture also can improve the beauty of the room, here are several natural color for modern furniture. On the first page, there is a teen bedroom with yellow floral wall design. A really best room design for teen..!
best home designhere are another natural color of a studying room, the usage of these natural room can improve the convenience that can make the person who learning on this room can stay longer.
best home designThis in another minimalist bedroom with natural color, an unique vertical line wall with a smart composition make this room looks higher than the real.
best home design in green This is another green color of bedroom with a pink composition. A smart composition of room color design. [Via-virtual company]

Interior 3D Design for Dominican Style

Interior 3D DesignA special of interior design in 3D, a Dominican style home design with natural lighting and minimalist furniture, look at the ventilations, there are a lot of ventilation to make the room more lightning, several couple of glasses wall make this room suitable for small store or an outlet.
Interior 3D Design
Interior 3D Design

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A few good blogs..

Thought I'll share with you some goodness from the blog world focused on design and decor from India. I have stumbled across them over the last some months, and have enjoyed their personal unique style, design insight and creativity.

Enjoy more of Indian design @:

Girl About Home by Chandan

And Another by Kanika

Window Seat Design by Ashwiny

Indian By Design by Kavita

The Key Bunch by Sharon and Rekha

Nush Designs by Anusha

Mochatini by Manvi

Rajee Sood by Rajee Sood

Colors Dekor by Particia

Once Upon A Tea Time by Aditi

Tudo de Om by Fernanda R. Lima

Sajavat by Sangitha

And of course, some of my other favorites from the Indian design world are on the links page.

And while we are on the topic of new blogs, I would nudge you to the young blog -Urban Legends, from my ├╝ber creative sister! Urban Legends is a photo journal of a curious, covert, yet honest voyeur, documenting the many legends, big and small, told and untold, of a city. Hop over now to Urban Legends to peek at the streets of her current city - London!

[Images courtsey: Feature article on India in a swiss online mag]

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Zongluquan Interior Design, a modern home design

After seeing this bathroom, I can image that this shower design is one of best sexy shower design. Completed with glass curtain, you can see every body who taking a shower on this bathroom.
This is one of the most traditional sense of all Zongluquan's room, completed with a small traditional mirror.
A niche kitchen, designed for medium size, suitable for minimalist based home design, the best kitchen design.
A dinning room is located near other room, connected with a hall with hanging decoration or a sculpture decoration.