Monday, October 29, 2007

A Very Kool Website

Here is a site a very kool website, which is unrelated to real estate, but I just couldn't resist. Enjoy!

Recreated State of the Art Real Estate Website Announced by Alex Shay

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 29, 2007 -- The popular, state of the art Miami real estate website, has been recreated and redesigned to meet the demands of savvy homebuyers and sellers in today's real estate marketplace, announced Alex Shay. Launched less than two years ago, the site has grown to well over 1,800 pages, full of useful real estate information. More than 100 of the finest luxury homes and condos for sale in Miami are now featured on the website, along with gorgeous photos and virtual tours.

Literally thousands of homes and condos in the Miami area can now be viewed via pages neatly categorized and organized according to location and price range. According to the site's creator, Alex Shay, the site is in a constant state of being built and tweaked, and is getting better and better with the passing of the time. The website is accompanied by a well-maintained up to date blog,
Miami Real Estate.

One of the best features of the website is that everything is designed specifically for the user, and everything is free. Unlike many real estate websites that try to lure a user into filling out a personal information form before giving any real information, is user friendly, and has been redesigned to give very valued information completely free of charge. The only thing required is that users click on the links to the information they want.

Many additions have been made to the popular website, including the daily real estate news, articles that are regularly updated, many more virtual tours and videos, and beautiful images of many favorite cities in the USA. An entire relocation section has been created, and new relocation cities are being added each month.

The recreated site hasn't left anything out. If the user wants it, it is going to be there, according to Shay. Many users not only want to remain anonymous while searching for information, but they also want to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. The website has ensured that for every user.

The site is so easy to navigate, that a user can go to almost any page desired, from any page that the user is viewing. If a user is reading an article, and suddenly wants to view a particular property, it is usually only one or two clicks away. The
MLS(multiple listing service) has been provided as well, so that a user can anonymously search the complete list of all properties for sale. MLS's from a number of other cities are also available on the website, and the list is growing.

Alex Shay, a prominent Miami Beach real estate broker, whose award winning website,
Miami Real Estate features some of the most beautiful residential real estate in all of the world, is an expert in Miami real estate, and one of Miami Beach's top producers of real estate sales. He has been negotiating property deals since 1986, and founded the website in response to the needs and demands of homeowners and buyers who have come to him seeking expert assistance in the sale and purchase of Miami real estate

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reporting alive and kicking...

Hi! You are watching AIS (An Indian Summer) News, and this is Bhavna, your news correspondent for the day! :)

Some highlights of my trip so far have been:
1. A great day spent with the team at my Cambridge office, followed by a fun evening of bowling and drinks

2. Walking up and down the Cambridge Side Galleria so many times that I can now write an inventory of merchandise at each and every store! The lady at Bath and Body Works just might consider hiring me as their official 'moisturizer/eau de cologne sniffer'!

3. Finding my shopping soul mate in a dear colleague...walking more than a couple of miles to get to the local Target, and shopping so much that we had to take a cab to haul back our booty! Got some awesome tableware...right now its all packed and stuff - will share these finds with you once back in India..

4. Spending an excellent sunny day at Newbury street today

5. Finally got to visit Anthropologie, and spent some happy shopping time at Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn

6. 'Would you like to wash your hands?' - The first thing we were asked by the lovely girl at 'Sabon', an organic bath and body boutique store. Once the hands were washed and were super soft (dead sea salts do wonders!), proceeded to buy yet more bath and body products (at this rate, I would be the cleanest and the nicest smelling person, with the softest skin as a bonus, for some time to come!) ;-)

7. Discovered a quaint European store that has recently opened shop this side of the world: Comptoir de Famille [see snaps below]

And, the biggest highlight of all:

I am finally uploading some snaps that I have taken! Old readers and friends know my paranoia of publicly sharing photographs taken by me...I am not necessarily what you call a 'good photographer'! Oh well, here goes...below is some of my "art" work! (you can click on them to open a bigger version)

Coming week will be busy with the strategy workshop (and hopefully an Ikea and Harvard square thrown in towards the evening!)

Au revoir till the next time...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Really Great Palm Beach Home - Donald Trump's of Course

We all know that the Donald loves to talk, especially on TV, and you either like him or you don't, but make no bones about it; he sure has some nice real estate in Palm Beach, and if you have any doubt, check this out:

Palm Beach Estate of Donald Trump
515 N. County Road, Palm Beach Florida

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hello from Boston!

Thanks a bunch for your messages! (Hello Affinity, Jo, Terri, Jessica, Studio W!)

I just checked into the hotel after almost 23 hours between airports and flights (phew!). Now, I am ready to drop asleep right at this funky table in my room, after cheering Red Sox with fellow diners at Bambara (yes, that's the name of the hotel restaurant!)

And, I am so happy with all the suggestions about shopping in Boston....just can't wait for the weekend! :-D (thank you Christine, Tanya, Annie, Tara (I would LOVE to bike in this city!)

And, how can I leave you without sharing with you a visual of what is on my mind...

So, after 3.5 meals in a plane, I am soo longing for home cooked food with all the spices, the flavor, and the fragrance and the aroma...I know they mean the same thing, but need a word and my brain is sleep deprived right now ;-) .... you, ofcourse know what I mean! I think a spice box such as above could have fitted in nicely with my luggage...

Well, adios till the next post! Do keep dropping in your lovely messages! XO

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blogging, Real Estate, and the Internet

Watching the video clip below should give you a good idea of just how important the internet has become in the business of real estate. Watch and enjoy!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Though we gotta say goodbye...

for a couple of weeks..
Darlings I promise you this
I'll send you all my love
Every couple of days in a post
Sealed with a kiss!

I am traveling to Boston (Cambridge) and London in the coming two weeks, and will be very busy with work ... hence the above ditty! I promise to keep dropping in a line or two, or share with you something unique which catches my eye...but most likely its going to be sporadic.

In the meantime:
New readers: do look through the archives for design inspiration..
Old friends: there are some excellent blogs listed on the left..
All: do keep dropping in a 'hi' or a 'hello'! :-)

Leaving you with something that I been looking at, and admiring, then looking at again, and then sighing, and so on and so forth!
If I ever needed to set up a home office, this is what it would look like! Me on the couch facing the window, and a laptop on my lap...and my 'office' is all set ;-)


And, do tell me if you like the selections for this week (in the left pane)?

P.S: Does any one have any recommendations for unique shopping experience in Cambridge [apart from the univ shops and Galleria]? Thanking you profusely in advance for any tips!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Farah Mahbub

Farah Mahbub, an immensely talented photographer and a faculty member at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, is from Pakistan. Her site is a delight - both visually and from a content perspective for people who are keen on photography.

Presenting here some of her photographic gems, focused on heritage architecture from India and Turkey:

Clock wise from top left: Detail from Delhi Red fort; Hauz Khas, Delhi; Red fort again

Ali Darwaza, Delhi; next two from Jami Masjid, Ahmedabad; Siddi Saiyad Mosque, Ahmedabad

From Turkey: Ysel Cami-Bursa; NurosmaniyeMosque; Suley maniyeMosque; Dolmabahce Palace

Cappadocia, Turkey; By the road side in Turkey; Lodhi Garden in Delhi; Busra, Turkey

[All images and information from Farah Mahbub]

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mortgage Meltdown

A real estate report by CNN this morning stated that housing starts are down to the lowest level in 14 years. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson wants to license mortgage brokers, so that there will be more accountability. The report stated that 2 million families could lose their homes in the next 2 years, many of those losses directly attributable to sub-prime mortgages, and less than ethical mortgage brokers who were looking to make a quick buck.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Donald Trump Makes A Good Point On Larry King

Last night Donald Trump told Larry King on Larry King Live that this is a wonderful time to be negotiating for property and for making great deals. He is right about that. He fell short of saying that buyers should go out and buy up everything. If you read some of the posts below, you will find that what Trump is saying now has already been said. It is true that in Miami there has probably never been a better time to buy, and that is certainly true of the last 20 years or so. The market is dull because people are betting that home prices will fall lower, before hitting bottom. Maybe 6 months from now will be an even better time to buy, but that is speculation at this point. The news reports help to put a negative slant on the real estate market, by making predictions that the market will continue to fall, and thereby effectively change the way people think. That's called psychology, and right now the psychology of the market place is telling people to wait. There is something else. It is apparent in Miami. Homeowners who want to sell are still asking very high prices. Asking prices have not come down all that much, and some sellers are holding tight. Buyers are not budging, however, so there you have it; a dull real estate market in the Miami area. More to come.

I wanna fall from the stars...

Straight into your arms..

All I want is a room somewhere....
umm...maybe not!
If you notice the 'I want to be here' image on the left
You would know what is catching my fancy this week

Just give me a bed and a piece of sky
and some million stars to gaze at..

That's what I want...

Sunrise on my pillow?

And this is from where the above view has been viewed!

Sometimes, I get cheetahs for company as I count sheep
(and I think: do the cheetahs have vested interest in counting sheep with me?)

Never far away from the gentle lap of ocean to nudge me into slumber..

With cheetahs, you might get mosquitoes too! Not a problem... dreamy mosquito nets solve all my outdoor sleeping problems!

Ah! I spy a hut behind just in case it rains!

3/4th of a for this cave woman!

Nothing at all between that absolutely personal and peaceful conversations I sometimes need to have with the ├╝ber architect who resides amongst the stars...

I, I feel you
Hope you comprehend
[Stars by Simply Red]

[Images in order from top: 1st two are from Loisaba, Kenya; Wolwedans, Nambia; Voyages lizard island, Australia; Wolwedans again; Tarkuni, South Africa; Kagga Kamma, South Africa; Wolwedans]

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kingdom in the Himalayas

Travel to an ancient land

some yaks and a moon away...

Reach the Kingdom of Bhutan

Guided by prayer flags

Arrive at our destination, Zhiwa Ling

Shining like a jewel in the mountains

Climb up the steep walkway as you admire the lattice work..

But wait till you see what is inside!

Beautiful intricate work by local artisans

With a painting thrown in for good measure

Looks even more beautiful up close..

After the visual feast, rest yourself on the chairs

Or the ornamental chaise

And get ready to slumber

So that you are awake to experience the magic of the night
We all are waiting to hear from you..
how did you like our kingdom?

A kingdom in the Himalayas
East of India

Visit here for more information

Image Credits:
All hotel images: Ziwa Lingh Hotel
Other snaps from Trek Earth (Michael Perfilov and Michael DF)
Map from Bhutan Tourism

Friday, October 12, 2007

Miami Real Estate On A Positive Note

Although real estate in Miami seems like a foriegn word these days, there are some positives that should not be overlooked. For example, with the Euro being valued at $1.41 and with the British Pound worth a whopping $2.03+, luxury Miami real estate seems inexpensive to European buyers who visit Miami in droves during the winter months. Let me make a prediction that real estate sales in the Miami area will improve slightly in the coming months, despite all of the predictions that the market has yet to bottom out.

Lay a whisper...

...on my pillow
leave the winter on the ground

I wake up lonely
there's an air of silence
in the bedroom
and all around

Touch me now
I close my eyes
and dream away...

It must have been pink ....

But it is Blue now...


[Image courtesy Marie Maison, Living etc and Mediterranean style]

[Song: It must have been love..Roxette for Pretty Woman. This one's for you, Affinity!]

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Strippy Strips

Who says we need curtains for windows...

Give me this any day!

And maybe the inspiration comes from the Tibetan prayer flags...

[images from Marie Claire Maison and Voyage]

Monday, October 8, 2007

And I thought I had stumbled to an Indian village...

... when I first came across an image with distinctive Indian daily use items on the eclectic blog fralenuvole bricoleuse. As I went through the link, I discovered Madam Stoltz! I am so delighted with what I found on this online shop! Such authentic Indian kitsch! Well, not everything is Indian; a lot of the items also have a very distinct french country look and feel, but what delighted me was that Madame Stoltz has managed to pick up the most day to day and mundane things and converted them into chic decor finds!

Let me take you through a selection of some Indian delights!

This paisley design is quite popular in Indian design
The 'center table' is of metal and an utensil that is commonly used in Indian homes for kneading flour! It is called paraat in North India...
If you look at the floor, you will see slippers called the kolhapuri chappal (Kolhapur is the name of the place where these originated, and chappal means slippers!)

A metal trunk, still used in traditional Indian homes to store a daughter's trousseau as she gets married!

Applique work and thread work from Gujrat (as much as I could make out) on the fabric, and the woven rug is called a chattai typically made of grass

This one is the cutest! The day bed is used in Indian villages and called charpai (meaning 4 legs)!

The lanterns and wrought iron chair could very well be Indian or Moroccan

Nothing very typically Indian in these images...apart from the green potli (bag)

A close up of paraat, and you will find the glass holder in every street vendor's stall selling food! Very commonly used in Dhabhas (street/highway food stops - typically have yum and authentic food) to hold tea glasses as the server runs from one table to the other...

Am still quite delighted with this find!
And delighted with the word delighted which has already been used in excess of 4 times in this post! ;-)
[All images from Madam Stoltz. These have been picked up from their online catalogue hence has those little numbers against each product..]