Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Calendars

Hey you, welcome to 2012! Here's my pick of the new year's most awesome calendars and planners.

$18 from The Indigo Bunting (designer Erin Jang)

Gifted Co works with different graphic designers and illustrators on creative product ideas. Their first is a calendar of 12 works that you can separate and frame when the month's over.

Simple and bold, from London design studio Treble Seven.

Both of these are from the coolest stationers in the whole wide world, Present & Correct.

Love this idea. Buy this blank 2012 'Calendar Panel' of fabric from Etsy seller September House and then embroider whatever you like in the top space. (Or photo transfer, or quilt, or use some of those rad puff paints from 1986.)

Rifle Paper Company make lovely lovely nice things.

Paper-cut Kaleidoscopes are my jam. From MoMA or here.

Ah, the Stendig. My favourite. Originally designed in 1966, and still the most handsome calendar in 2012. (Buy here or just Google it - could you grab one for me too bro thanks.)

New Years Eve pics from Avant-Garde

Wednesday, December 28, 2011




Enjoy the pics and posting.

Interiors: L Residence

As  a general rule, we’re not super into blue in an interior space. That’s a bit harsh…we mean, there are lots of ways in which blue can totally make a space rock, but you really need to have a cool hue. This home, the L Residence, totally gets blue right. And they also get details right. It’s a modern loft space with lots of cool interior additions and rooms and cool wood flooring and modern furniture and more. And is that a Magis Chair One we spot?  By Min | Day. From architizer:
“Located in an Art Deco hotel recently converted for private condominium use, we designed a penthouse apartment with a roof deck overlooking the center of downtown Omaha. For the L-shaped unit we created a set of nested spaces with a grand room that appears as an exterior within the confines of the dense walls. 15-foot ceilings allowed the construction of a cozy mezzanine along the vertical path to the private roof deck above. Primary wood veneered walls hide bedrooms, house utilitarian areas, service functions and bathrooms.”

Live Modern: House in Cadiz

Live Modern: Weekend House on Lake Superior

We’ve always thought good architecture was just as beautiful as art, but all the photos from this home in Cadiz, Spain are so stunning they could easily be seen in an art gallery! Truly, these shots are of an amazing home that is nestled among coastal nature in a surprising way. Modern, clean lines mix with beautiful, random nature and the coloring of all the architecture is such that it both blends and contrasts with the surroundings.
“The house is situated on the occidental edge of the natural park of the Estrecho, on an abrupt hillside, where the landscape value, its orientation and complicated topography are determining factors. Instead of viewing these factors as potential limits we considered them to be incentives for a better solution for the project, helping reinforce the intrinsic singularity of the emplacement, to which service is set this construction.” Designed by Alfonso Alzugaray Arquitecto.

We’d be much more able to withstand frightful winter weather outside if we lived in a stunning piece of modern architecture like this! It’s hard to tell if the home would be more visible in warmer, more colorful months, but there’s something so slick and camouflaged about how it looks now. Located near, you guessed it, Lake Superior, in Schoeder, Minnesota and designed by Julie Snow Architects. 

“The weekend house is reduced to a few essential elements. The main house and a small studio are arranged on a black platform that rests just above the ground. The two black volumes frame the water of Lake Superior as it extends toward the distant horizon.

The presence of the lake is pervasive throughout the house. A long simple white table runs parallel to the lake. A narrow vertical tower encloses the fireplace. A row of cabinets along the north wall conceals the complexities of daily life. The house provides a serene connection to a beautiful, rugged landscape. Concealed by trees in the summer, the black boxes slip into the winter landscape of black and white tree trunks.”

Three really cool homes,



leak detection,water leaks

Rapid world population growth and lifestyle change contribute to the increased demand for water through mankind. Additionally, low liquidate rainfall in some parts of the world, slowed the replenishment of water equip.

Therefore, each one of us should make our best efforts in the conservation of one the most precious commodity here on the planet, which is water. One such effort is to watch out for water leaks connections the homes, no matter how small those leaks knack body.

Although some water leaks are so inactive that they are not detectable, some close leaks are being ignored through some homeowners. This is opportune to ignorance to the fact that small leaks that keeps on leaking would sum up into thousands of gallons in a tide. Imagine if all homeowners had that same attitude?

Moreover, water leaks not only contribute to worldwide water shortage, but further means damage to some parts of the house's structure. Damages to the house structural elements could cause the dwelling to deteriorate faster, collapse, and cause injuries to its occupants.

dampen leak detection can either be done by periodically checking the areas and components of the house's plumbing system or by installing a commercially available water leak showing device.

There are mainly two types of water leak detection system:

1. potential Leak Detection Systems-are usually stand-alone battery-operated devices that produce fear sounds when its moisture sensor becomes wet, these alarms enable the homeowner to locate exactly where the soak leaks are and do the necessary repairs. Since these are battery-dependent devices, its battery should be checked regularly.

2. Active Leak detection Systems-also sounds an alarm when it detect water leaks, and will automatically stop the wet flow. heartfelt may use the moisture sensor or a flow sensor in monitoring any irrigate leaks. There are two types of active intelligence detection system:

a. Individual appliance systems-monitors leaks from a single appliance and automatically shuts off water supply to such appliance should leaks act for detected.

b. Whole house systems-monitors leaks reputation its whole house and shuts kill the paramount humidify supply to the house should leaks be detected. A whole house model is composed of several dampness sensors which sends wave to control the valve via a radio signal or by means of wiring connections.

Every house is unique besides has a special situation to determine what reputation of water leak construction is applicable. Some simple systems may typify installed by its homeowner, but shape systems should be done by a smart plumber.

If you don't accredit a water leak showing system symbol installed in your house, you can always check your house periodically over any wet leaks, unless of course if you current identify those water dripping effective. Water leaks usually happen in areas where the water-consuming appliance again plumbing fixtures are located. amongst the mightily obvious areas to look for water leaks are:

1. Bathroom & toilet area (check for leaks on showerhead, faucet, further water heating die)

2. Kitchen (check over leaks on faucet, dishwasher, water heating form)

3. Laundry room (check for leaks on faucet, clothes washer)

4. Garage and basement area (check on evaporator cooler, hot water system)

5. Lawn (set on turf, low water use garden, irrigation system)

6. Pool and spa

7. patio

8. Water meter

Detecting water leaks because of the sight and energetic may seem an easy task. This may be true ropes enduring and big leaks, but pacific and small leaks, it could show impossible to detect without the aid of a water material detection device. Here are some tips in guard the house for possible water leaks.

1. Water is leaking in your toilet when irrigate is moving from the tank to the bowl when nobody is flushing existing.

2. When your toilet is flushing itself when nobody is near the toilet.

3. increased design of detecting water leak in the cloakroom is to place chow color in the tank, should you see the color in the bowl after a intermittent minutes then you can conclude that know onions is a propaganda.

4. Since most water pipes are embedded fix its walls and floors, we can only appreciate if there are leaks when we see discoloration on a wall, ceiling, also runner.

5. Detecting water leaks command trace system is its same with spotting leaks on concealed piping systems.

6. One such practical way to know whether you accredit irrigate leaks in your house is to monitor your water bill. Should you have higher water statement with the same usual consumption, you could reconnoitre a professional plumber or check it out eclipse your local utility company.

Water leaks only worsen being time; it would be wise for you to deal with it for early as possible. elementary detection and repair shall save you money and prevent damage to your house. If you ignore it, we are different postponing something you should dispatch anyway.Visit Original SourceHOME DESIGN SOFTWARE

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Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

bathroom ideas

Bathroom ideas for small bathrooms, are you have just a little space to design your bathroom? or you need to add a simple bathroom on your house, or maybe you want to design a guest bathroom? this bathroom ideas my inspire you how to design a small bathroom, the article was taken from, the topic is about small bathroom ideas, the tips can also be applied for bathroom remodeling ideas, here are the tips:
  • Pick a pearly white color on bathroom tile ideas or bathroom paint ideas, Go with classic white and express your sense of style with the design of the fixtures.
  • Use a sliding door, avoid to use a sing door that need more spacious, try to use a sliding door, you will get a gain additional floor space once reserved for the door swing.
  • Good lighting, Small spaces call for good lighting to avoid feeling cramped and depressing. It’s doubly important in bathrooms where shaving and applying makeup require strong light. So don’t skimp on light fixtures. Instead, consider using both wall-mounted sconces and ceiling-hung fixtures. Remember, windows provide natural light, which is an easy and inexpensive way to open up a small room or small bathroom ideas.
  • Bathroom tile ideas and sink, One way to choose which type of flooring you are going to settle with is see which type of material you used on the sink. Ceramic counter top and tiles will probably be the easiest to find and the most inexpensive. The most expensive of the materials will probably be glass.
  • Bathroom decorating ideas, Bathroom decorating for some of several bathroom ideas can become quite costly, there are some great small bathroom decorating ideas that you can use if your bathroom isn’t huge, selecting the right colored paint, choosing the best bathroom furniture, or you can also call a professional to help you
 to see details, please visit

Avant-Garde moves in and on to regular business...

Avant-Garde moves in and on to regular business...

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings,  finally completely in its home office location.. is moving ahead with plans to open up its Showroom sometime in Mid-March or Early April 2012. Avant-Garde after selling almost 45,000 in December is ready to tackle many of the problems and issues with an opening of any retail location. The only hang-up was Steuben, whose products (90%) shipped fine but approx 10% of them are either still pending, unknown status, or simply no communication from Steuben, a problem hopefully rectified by Monday since a handful of customers are still waiting on orders purchased. This is the reason this company probably went under, customer service was the worst... 

Here are some pics from our new office... 

Well by next year's retail season hopefully we will have many shoppers in our retail establishment which will be located at the Oasis off Biscayne and 79th Street. We have worked very hard ingesting this building ready for a retail store and now it looks absolutely great (pictures in my next posting for all of you to see) with beautiful gardens, walking mini trails, hammocks to sit in, and water features to simply enjoy.. 

Check out our Beautiful Courtyard.. and Bamboo Gardens...

Already the home to Avant-Garde, Beauty Alchemy Inc, and Edward Saunders Photography, the building hopes to attract other tenants as well... Stay tuned for more news on The Oasis...

Avant-Garde in its post Christmas sale will lower OUR ALREADY LOWEST PRICES, by 10% all featured collection products with the exception of Steuben, which is no longer available... Check out our huge selection and bargain prices for the following high end collections..

Future Showroom Location: Avant-Garde


Come check them out today and I promise no one will be disappointed at our product offerings on these collections that we feature.. We have also simplified our site, added many products, and created descriptions that are very detailed to help our customers understand the products that they wish to buy.. 

As we sit in our new offices we look forward with anticipation our growth as a company and to find and develop better ways to better serve our customer's needs since they are our top priority.. 

And always remember.... at Avant-Garde....