Saturday, October 30, 2010

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Furniture Italian Design

This is a new style of kitchen furniture by Aran Cucine.This Kitchen Cabinet Design Very Beatiful with black color.Kitchen Furniture Design with modern style in black and clean the floor looks.This Kitchen Furniture is Perfect suitable to Minimalist House.

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Furniture
Modern Minimalist Kitchen Furniture Italian Design

Modern Bedroom Interior Design with Lighting Fixtures

This is Modern Bedroom Interior Design with Lighting Fixtures and Luxury LCD TV.This Bedroom Interior Design that Suitable for your minimalist home design.Very comfortable design for LCD TV.

Modern Bedroom Interior Design with LCD TV

Modern Bedroom Interior Design with Lighting Fixtures

Modern Bedroom Interior Design

New Look and on Facebook Now!

In a burst of creative energy today,
I re-designed Mr. Blog's banner. And then I re-designed the navigation menu.
And changed some fonts. 
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While I perform the above necessary act of stopping myself
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In the coming days, I'll share much more of what inspires me on the page. And share pictures from my home's recent re-do. Also my attempts at DIY. And have interesting conversations and discussions over morning cuppa of jasmine tea, and the evening glass of wine.

Oh, and yes, I will moderate the page. All spammers, random links to applications, ads etc shall be brutally deleted.

See you there then! And, I'll be back here on Monday with a slew of delicious posts.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

House of Gold

 The House of Gold is nestled in a medieval town in Croatia.

Courtesy of desire to inspire, the House of Gold is a beautiful home renovation.  You can see how amazing the transformation was by checking out the "before" photos on this blog.

The interior design of the house is very simple and fresh.  The funky rocking chair is cool!

 Throughout the house, there are unexpected splashes of yellow and red.

 The house has a very beautiful, white aesthetic.  It makes the punches of yellow and red that much more impactful.
 Talk about spontaneous.  A red step here,  A red post there.  A yellow vertical plank here.  Love it!

 A wonderful view of the Croatian countryside.  I can imagine reading my Kindle there.
After a hard days work, you want to be able to enjoy a nice, uncluttered bedroom.  You can enjoy a nice conversation with the two simple, mid-century modern chairs in the corner. 

 This is a good way not to forget a recipe.

 Something about chalk writing always gets me excited (maybe it just brings back childhood school memories)!  For home decor purposes, the chalk brings a very personal touch to any home decor.

Home Design Garden by Tham & Architects Videgård

This park is home design. Tham and Videgard, Swedish Architecture Firm has successfully completed a project called House Garden. This house was built on an area 180 meters square in Viksberg, Sweden.

The owner wants a beautiful garden as part of their home, and the reason why they decided to move from their duplex apartment in central Stockholm to the rural location in the lake Mälaren. To meet customer needs, we propose a house conceived as an integrated vertical additions to the garden, where indoor and outdoor space gradually mingle and interact.
Triangular foot print is the result of a steep slope diagonally across the site. With one of the long facade facing south, we also managed to eliminate the pure north façade. This further helps the idea of climbing plants on trellises oversized high that covered most of the windows so that by the time they will be hidden in the greenery.
A double height winter garden also serves as a natural pre-heating fresh air. Roof terrace offers views of a very long above the nearby hills over the lake Mälaren. Construction is all wood, both structure and finish.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Equilibrium Bookcase

I must have a thing for bookshelves this week! : ) I saw The Equilibrium Bookcase, by Malagana Design, on Contemporist. How cool is this thing? It looks like the different compartments are just floating above each other; definitely an eye catching addition to any room.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Get Wamrth and Beauty Living Room Designs with Hardwood Floors

Get Wamrth and Beauty Living Room Designs with Hardwood Floors
 I love a simple and natural living room designs, designing a simple house can be start from choosing the materials of the floors, one of the best choice on floor plan is the hardwood floor. Hardwood floors are popular and it is easy care and cleaning, great style coupled with durability and as always, they’re natural and safe for the environment. They are extremely good and have some great benefits as well as being impressive to look at as well. Hardwood can also improve the warmth and the beauty of the living room. If you take proper care of your hardwood floors, they will last for years and years. A lot of homeowners make the choice of using hardwood floors in their home compared to using traditional carpets or other material’s flooring.
Get Wamrth and Beauty Living Room Designs with Hardwood Floors
 In order to get a natural but modern look of the hardwood floor, you can choose a hardwood with tile style, a hardwood that designed in a special style so the hardwood looks like a tile. Its can reflects the traditionally warm aesthetics and high-performance, making them the favorite choice of homeowners, its also can
enabling a unique antique look once the floor is installed.
Get Wamrth and Beauty Living Room Designs with Hardwood Floors
 Now we need to know about the various hardwood floorings available in the market.

The original form of hardwood flooring is the solid wood where strips, parquets and planks of solid wood are available. But laying them is a tough job and there is no chance that you can do it yourself. It is very hardy and if maintained with just a little bit of care, it can last generations.

But people avoid original hardwood flooring because of its cost and difficulty in laying. So they go for engineered wood. Engineered wood is wood and not wood at the same time. It is layers of wood veneer fused together. Good quality wood and bad quality wood are used in manufacture of this material and hence the lower cost. Other advantages are that you can get many designs and textures and these floorings are especially engineered to withstand different weather conditions, chemicals, temperatures and humidity.

Among the toughest of the engineered hardwood floors are the ones where planks of hardwood are given an acrylic coating. This coating makes them resistance to scratches. So the surface stays intact for a long time. So this flooring is very useful for areas with high footfall. Hardwood flooring is also available in two types – the pre-finished and unfinished types. The pre-finished type of hardwood flooring is easy to lay and you can even do it yourself with proper tools.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

High Fashion Home Fall Mini-Catalog

Front cover: Dome Chair

The High Fashion Home mini-catalog has been a work in progress since 2007.  Now with 2011 quickly approaching, we have just unveiled our first mini-catalog (clocking in at a monstrous 8 pages big).   Putting the catalog together was much more difficult than expected, yet a whole lot of fun.  We have to thank the amazing team over at Adcetera for helping make all of this possible.  And most importantly, we hope you enjoy perusing through 8 pages of home furnishing goodness!


Page 3: Cynthia sofa and Roman sofa (shown online in Venus)

Page 4: Palma Desk

Back Cover


I saw the AAKKOSET shelf, by KAYIWA, today while checking out freshome. The idea is for it to be used as an anything and everything shelf, a room divider or both. I think it's a neat statement piece. Hope you like it. : )

Monday, October 25, 2010

Modern Luxury Japanese House Design

Amazing Work by Suppose Design,Designed Stunning Japanese House Design with Glass Bathroom.This Spa area is the Center-piece of the house with 360 degree View of the Neighbourhood where any body would happy to relax after work of day.The Interior Designed Use quite Japanese Minimalist Style that blende modern surfaces & Colors with Natural Materials. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boy Badroom with Soccer Decorate Design Idea

Design Bedroom of a child can be a wonderful experience, or are causing suffering and anxiety in all participants. To prevent this tension and arguments that arise can focus on what the child wants, and a favorite game or sport. For many girls and boys soccer. Design the room around popular activity is required to receive enthusiastic approval.

Teen Girl Badroom With Decorating Idea

A teenage girl's bedroom is a very personal place where dreams and ambitions are formed. This is where a girl can express themselves, explore their feelings, and develop her own personal style. For those of you who are looking for a teenager's bedroom here is a very good idea for small spaces. As you can see from the photos, with simple movements that you can pull the bed.