Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pink Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas by Karim Rashid

This new bedroom suite by Karim Rashid is hot – hot pink, that is! Designed for Italian furniture house Valdichienti and geared up for its big reveal at Salone del Mobile 2010, this pink bedroom furniture represents a new ideal in furniture, combining fashion and function, with a little flair thrown in for good measure. This playful set is characterized by its rounded corners, soft lines and of course, it’s stand-out color great for a girl’s bedroom or a sophisticated bedroom retreat.

Modern Armchairs Design by Polsit

These ultra modern armchairs design from Polsit is where functional art comes to fruition. The unusual Sculpture armchair by Andrea De Benedict is presented as the debut piece of the new Desart collection, which transforms original art into usable chairs and armchairs for the consumer with an elite sense of style.

Luxury House Interior Design with Extraordinary Views

This extraordinary house design by Architects Cadaval & Sola-Morales stands out among the primitive peaks. Perched on a steep hillside overlooking the Spanish Pyrenees,the house stone exterior is characteristic for its steeply pitched roof,which flavors the exterior and interior with its uniquee shape.

Another Collection

Of my favorite rooms and decor
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Contemporary Dining Table Design by Joe Doucet

The below table is designed by a popular American architect and designer Joe Doucet. At glance, this minimalist furniture looks usual but after you see it a bit closer you’ll find it as a luxurious table.

Contemporary Dining Table Design

Beautiful Luxury Carpets Design Ideas

Rug is one of great complement to our interior design. Now we’d love to share eight beautiful rugs that will be a new center piece to your home. The first idea comes from Kyle Bunting that brings cowhide rug designs. These collections come in a range of vibrant colors and attractive patterns and motifs that you can choose from geometric to organic spots and stripes. These rugs are also available in custom-made option, so you decide the sizes, colors, and designs to suit your space. This comfortable rug sure brings heat to your room during autumn or winter.

Have you had enough...

...Of Colonial Style?

I hope not!
Because I chanced upon Maco
And picked my favorites for you

Not all are true blue colonial style
 But well, are close enough
And pretty enough :)

[All images: Maco Mag]

Monday, November 29, 2010

Modern Extremely Dark Apartment Interiors Decorating Design

This 94 square meters apartment is part of a couple with two children and lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an open area for dining, cooking and spending time together. Everything is in dark tones, but with plenty of recessed lighting.

Innovative Office Furniture Sets Were Designed by Vitra

These new and innovative office furniture sets were designed by Vitra and are basically practical approaches to the concept of “Citizen Office”.

Innovative Office Furniture SetsInnovative Office Furniture Sets

Innovative Office Furniture SetsInnovative Office Furniture Sets

Innovative Office Furniture SetsInnovative Office Furniture Sets

Innovative Office Furniture SetsInnovative Office Furniture Sets

This term was invented by the company in 1991 and taken to another level with the furniture collections below. Jo Kaiser (manager for the North American branch) gave a statement which summarizes the idea of the project: “we believe you should use an office like you would a city”. In other terms- more comfort while making the most of the available space. Here is further information from the company: “A Citizen Office encourages the occupants to work using a range of postures and to move within the office as much as possible. Working while standing or assuming various casual postures provides variety and relaxation while maintaining employee health. The Citizen’s Office takes us a step further than traditional ergonomics – physical activity is integrated with office etiquette in a natural manner. “

Modern Glass House Interior Designs

Modern glass house designs pavilion rectangular shape with a private courtyard area of fresh green grass. Spaces glass house hill view in space-oriented private and personal. Room comfort are central fireplace between family room and dining room. Pavilion design features a high open terrace in the front courtyard. Sliding glass doors become typical cirri of the pavilion house design.

Jenga Master

Down the street from High Fashion Home at Barcadia, Alex showcases his mastery with the oversized Jenga tower! Warning: This video is not for the faint of heart.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blue Color Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Blue is not a common color used for kitchens.Blue Color more suited to rooms that are meant for relaxation as it is regarded as a calm and restful color.The best kitchens blue interior design that can foster the spirit of serving dishes. Some of the modular kitchen design is attractive solution for home Mediterranean. Good blue color of the cabinet design, kitchen countertops and the wall itself. Varies the color blue to make blue kitchen design.

Awesome Restaurant Interior Designs

There is Awesome Restaurant Interior Designs is Designed by a Reussion Firm.There is great Interiors at this Restaurant.Beautiful Color Combination and Chair designs also Dining Table Design all this thing Made amazing.Seems like a lot of time and money has gone into making these spaces perfect for food and conversations. Not only do they manage to lure a large number of food junkies, their interiors serve as good inspiration for home dining spaces too.

Awesome Restaurant Interior Designs