Saturday, March 31, 2012

Win! The Artists 2011: 21 contemporary NZ artists

I first heard about boutique NZ publisher and design studio Beatnik when one of their books won a bronze at this year's NZ Best Design Awards. So I was chuffed when they got in touch with a set of The Artists books for me to giveaway. 

Up for grabs is both volumes of The Artists: 21 Practitioners in New Zealand Contemporary Art, the new edition and the 2009 edition.

All Beatnik books are available online.

This giveaway was won by Andrew. Lucky you!

Rosie O’Donnell Star Island Home For Sale

Star Island home of Rosie O'Donnell
Yesterday Rosie O'Donnell placed her Star Island home for sale on the Miami MLS for $19,500,000. The 11,104 square feet mansion was built in 1923, and boasts 12 bedrooms and 11.5 bathrooms on well over an acre of land.

Although the price may seem a bit steep, even for Star Island, all of the homes for sale on the island have been climbing in asking price, as the perception of homeowners in this exclusive Miami Beach community has recently changed. Everyone seems to think that luxury homes are once again going up in price. Although that may be true in theory, it has not become a reality.

For example, just last month two vacant lots, 35 Star Island and 36 Star Island closed for $8,500,000 each. That is an increase in price, as some see it, because just one year ago the same two lots sold for $6,125,000 each. As the Miami real estate market continues to improve, one can expect the attending rise in prices.

Friday, March 30, 2012

URBIS Designday

Cleverer people than I have put together this video to give you a taste of URBIS Designday. Have a watch!

Inspirations on the Horizon: Coastal Art Within Reach

Bahamian Row Boat with Oars, Giclee by one of our favorite artists.

Have you ever walked into a room and become mesmerized by one incredible painting? The colors so vivid and the mood so dramatic that it transformed the room and reminded you of your favorite place. That's what a painting can breathes new life into the room, establishes a mood and feeling. Your art should be a reflection of what you are passionate about. People who live their lives with passion, surround themselves with the things they love and are passionate about... their work, family and friends..,They celebrate their lives. For us, it's the sea and all the beauty in nature. Not everyone can collect an original oil by their favorite painter but, today, Giclees are making owning incredible art much more affordable. Giclees are a process of taking the original art and reproducing it on a canvas or paper. Here are some of our coastal favorites. 

Starfish, Giclee by Florida Artist

Brilliant, Giclee by Massachusetts Artist

Coastal, Giclee by Irena Orlov

Flying Egret at Dusk, Giclee, Photography

The Belgian Coast, Giclee, Poster Print

Audubon-I- Divers and Coastal Wanderers-American Flamingo, Giclee, Print

Study furniture designs.

Study furniture designs.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

HFH in Country Living!!

A High Fashion Home product was recently included in the April issue of Country Living!! We are so excited that they chose one of our items and just wanted to share it!! : )

That's our European Watering Can!! Thanks, Country Living!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jade Jagger and India

I first saw Jade Jagger's Goa beach home on Idha Lindhag's portfolio and immediately fell for it's very Indian, rustic, bohemian vibe. Jade has been in news recently in India as she, partnering with her design firm,  is designing the interiors for high end luxury apartments by the Lodha Group in Bombay. She also recently launched her beach boutique at Ashwen beach, North Goa, from where she retails her new jewelry line and clothes collection.



Another India connection to look out for is Jade's collaboration with Indiska, the iconic indophile chain of stores based in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Inspired by India, this collection will be launched in May 2012, with all the promotional material being shot in Goa.

[All Images: Indha Lindhag and Indiska. Creatives for the post: An Indian Summer]

I'll see you later this week, with a tour of a lovely young girl's room, in one of my favorite homes!

I'll post early next week folks! Am sick :(
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Inspirations on the Horizon: Gardening Space

Gardening is a healthy and refreshing way to usher in the spring season. Taking ownership of your outdoors is often just as important as what you do with your indoors. Although much of gardening involves getting down and dirty (literally), your gardening space can still be beautiful. After all you have to be inspired by beauty to create beauty! Here are some tools that will help you with your garden inspiration and cultivation.

1. Monogrammed Gardening Gloves: You can't begin your gardening process without the right gloves and doesn't a monogram just make everything better? Personalize your tools to make them feel more special to you. Preppy gardening gloves...yes please!

2. Antique Iron Potting Table: A beautiful yet functional work surface is essential in gardening. To bring focus to your gardening space as well as save your back this antique potting table is the perfect center piece.

3. Chalk Board Herb Planters: Growing your own herb garden is an easy, money saving, adorable way to jazz up your garden. Take your herb garden one step father and make it trendy by labeling your pots with chalk.

4. Regional Seed Bombs: Seeds are not only essential in the gardening process but they can become a cute accessory as well. Sometimes us less seasoned gardeners aren't quite sure what to plant when and where. These regional "seed bombs" are sold individually so that regardless of what coast you are planting them on you are ensured your seeds will grow!

5. Gardening Tools and Terracotta Pots: There is nothing more fundamental to gardening than simple tools and terracotta pots. Both can be used for practical use as well as decoration. A quick tip to keep your garden tools clean and sharp, store then in a terracotta pot filled with sand from the beach.

6. Copper Watering Can: Your garden is not complete without a decorative watering can. This copper watering can is perfect for any any garden and is guaranteed to look just as good as it makes your flowers feel.

7. Antique Canoe: Last but not least using antique coastal finds like this canoe are a great way to bring the sea into your inland garden. Just display the object or take it a step farther and use them as planters, get creative! For more unique coastal finishing touches for your garden check out

Monday, March 26, 2012

Customer Love for the Amelia Bed!!

One of our customers in Massachusetts sent us this picture of the Amelia Bed being used in their bedroom. LOOKS FANTASTIC!!! I love the color palette of their bedroom and the Amelia Bed looks gorgeous in there!! How about those mirrored chests on each side of the bed? Fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing your room with us!!

Citta Design paper lampshades

New Zealand homewares brand Citta are not pissing around with their latest collection. No siree. And these paper lanterns are no laughing matter. 

Designer Interviews: the cool and very nice Curtis Baigent

I like nice people who make cool things. And Curtis Baigent is one of my favourites. He's a young New Zealand designer who just happens to also be an ADC Young Gun ifyadon'tmind. Not sure what ADC Young Guns is? It's an international award that each year, identifies the new vanguard of creative talent from all over the world, across all creative disciplines, and based on portfolio - not single submission. In other words, it's a big deal and an honour, and last year two New Zealand designers were so celebrated: Curtis, and the very most excellent Clem Devine.

In between his work as an art director, illustrator and animator (and an ADC appearance at the Paris Apple store), Curtis found time to answer some questions for us.

Have a watch of his reel, then read on...

How did you come to be a designer? 
I actually almost didn’t become a designer. I left college a year early to go to university and I had the option of pursuing art & design or computer science. I chose the safe and sensible path to prove to everyone that I was grown up and responsible. Computer science was ok. I liked it. A year and a half in however I had a professor who played Rökysopp’s music video Remind Me before each lecture to illustrate data flow within information systems.  It struck me that I was infinitely more fascinated with the visuals than the overarching concept.  I felt a bit fickle, but I made the change from doing something that I liked to something that I loved and moved over to study graphic design. The whole transition felt pretty precarious and I didn’t really know anything about the industry, just that I wanted to communicate in this way.

What media or creative discipline do you most enjoy working in and why?  
I’ve always worked across different mediums and disciplines but it wasn’t really until recently that I became aware of this. It sort of happened by mistake; I had meant to become a print designer. I think that this flexibility is what I most enjoy. It means that I’m free to express an idea in the most appropriate way. If an idea is best expressed as a 2D animation then I can do that. If it would be better as a live action shoot, sure, why not!

What have been your biggest career challenges or frustrations?
Working in France has been pretty hilarious and challenging. I currently speak the french of a 3 year old. There’s been a couple of long meetings where I understood close to nothing. Thank god for producers.

What advice would you give to others starting out? 
I found that when starting out I didn’t really have the kind of portfolio that I wanted. Chances are that the day job projects you get straight out of university aren’t all that cool, so doing and making things that inspire you is pretty important. I spent a lot of time working on music videos and making posters and illustrations for and with  friends. Anything that gave me  the opportunity to develop and explore the things that I was in to. I recently stumbled across a quote from the genius that is Wayne White. He said: “Do what you love. It will lead you to where you want to go”.

OK…tell us about the greatest experience of your career so far? 
So far? I was recently honored by the Art Directors Club as an ADC Young Gun! At the same time I had just made the move to Paris. Those two things in tandem were/are an incredible experience. It really felt like the whole world had just opened up to me.

Where do you go or what do you do to get inspiration flowing? 
It comes to me from everywhere really. I’m inspired by music, design, paintings, photography, films... I don’t know. My list would probably go on forever.  More obtusely however; I tend to walk everywhere. It slows down the fast pace of life and allows me to take in the people and things that I may not ordinarily register. In particular I absolutely love people watching. There’s something so engaging about catching a snippet of a conversation as it passes you by. French cafes are excellent for this. Their outdoor tables face the street so you can people watch unashamedly.

What was the last thing  that got you really creatively excited?   
I recently watched the AMC miniseries ‘The Trivial Pursuits of Arthur Banks’ and fell in love with it. It’s so charming. Beautiful type & excellent writing. Totally worth watching the 3 episodes.

Tell us about a designer you admire...
One of the contemporary designers I’m really digging at the moment is Australian Jonathan Zawada. He comes across as one of those guys who is 100% inspired every moment of every day. He works seamlessly across many different disciplines and annoyingly nails it every time.

What is your dream for your career – where would you like to take it? 
Oh, I’m not really sure, I mean, I’d like to keep following the same trajectory. I guess the important thing for me right now is exploring and trying new things. I  hope that’s something i’ll never tire of.   Specifically though, the fine arts and fashion worlds are both particularly alluring to me right now.  The romantic in me would love to see my more mature self working almost exclusively in the fine arts realm and for selfish reasons I would love the pure aesthetic indulgence of fashion films. Actually, both of those are selfish.

What are you working on at the moment?
I’m working on quite a number of things at the moment.  The design & art direction for a new french band, direction of a live action title sequence for a TV show & a series of little mid century style animated titles. I‘m also working on a ridiculous textile design idea that I had. It may not ever see the light of day but it makes me laugh.

Show and Tell time. Can we have a jack nohi at your creative space please... 
When I moved to France I only brought a small suitcase with me. So I don’t really have any stuff and my work space is pretty reductive. Our tiny apartment however is on the 7th floor (sans elevator) and we’ve got a killer view across the top of the Picasso museum to the horizon. It’s a wonder I get anything done. Each of these photos were taken from the window in the first shot.