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Happy Halloween!!

All of us would like to wish all of you a very Happy Halloween!! Have a boo-rific day and a safe night!

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Meet Diya Dasgupta!

This, my lovely peeps, is the young designer who won the 'An Indian Summer' logo design contest! You can see her hard at work above. And below, here are a few of the designs she deftly created for An Indian Summer. And up there, you could see the new banner, while towards the right, you could see the new widget for An Indian Summer. As you look through more of her designs in the post below and in her portfolio, you would figure why I feel like an art curator showcasing the work of a brilliant designer in a gallery :)

Calling colour, pattern and print as her greatest loves, Diya's goal is to design a visual language. Her core design philosophy addresses the notion of (cultural) identity through the medium of design, and thus her work is an infusion of her Indian upbringing and her experiences of other cultures, places, people etc that she has come across in her life so far.

Sketches and paintings - couple of many techniques used by Diya in her textile and graphic design work

This is a part of Diya's final year project - The Tactile Manifesto, and is a reflection of her personal design philosophy. The Tactile Manifesto examines whether the homogenizing effect of globalization curbs individuality and thus, creativity, or whether it is possible for designers to maintain their (cultural) identities and creative spirit in a globalizing environment. One of the designs from this project is already being used by a furniture supplier in Sydney.

Diya's project where she designed a concept for a screen/room divider that is inspired by Indian Mughal architecture.

In Diya's words:
I moved to Australia in 2007 to study and have recently completed a Bachelor's degree specialising in Textiles and Graphics/Media at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales in Sydney. I completed high school in Berlin, Germany, middle school in Kathmandu, Nepal, primary school in New Delhi and pre-school in Belgium. Although I feel somewhat like a nomad, I consider myself very lucky to have been exposed to different cultures and ways of thinking from such an early age. It has framed the way I see the world and heavily influences my work.

A series of textile concepts designed by Diya, for an Oriental boutique hotel

Diya was one of five finalists in the 2009 Rug Up competition organised by Designer Rugs. The shortlisted design 'Hope' is the first one in the image above.

Diya and I had a great time developing an identity for An Indian Summer. While it was a really tough call trying to select from the many incredible designs that came in, I felt Diya was able to put on paper the essence of what I had in my mind. I wanted a distinct 'motif' that captures the exuberance of this blog, and yet, is simple enough so as to not overpower the brand. 

Like Diya's work? Well, the good news is that she is open to freelance work and exciting projects and I can't recommend her enough! You can reach Diya at this email ID.

Over the next few weeks, I'll try and clean up Mr. Blog to make it more reader friendly. Any one who has tried to clean up a boy knows what a task it is going to be! ;). Drop me a comment / email if there are changes you would like to see. And do tell Diya and me if you like the new logo! 

[All images copyrighted to: Diya Dasgupta]


The humble hammock is strikingly a simple invention, again although its basic principle has been around for over 1000 years, it's still hard to beat the tranquil feeling of excitement that hammocks provide. The prime hammocks originated in Central America, being used by the ingenious Mayan Indians. besides today, hammocks in a variance of styles and colors are used for relaxing and unwinding in all kinds of settings. From enjoying a snooze by the poolside, to resting in the shade of the trees in your own backyard on a hot sunny day, to for a handy camping accessory, there are a number of ways to enjoy its comfort of a hammock!

There are several clashing sorts of hammocks available these days, each hand-me-down that serene presupposition of weightlessness as you hang juice its air. Traditional rope styles mask wooden spreader bars are a perennial favorite, with the large gaps being perfect for circulating air on a hot time. Cotton is a comfortable natural fiber, whereas polyester is a more moisture-tolerant alternative. Quilted hammocks made from benign and durable fabrics are more suited to cooler climates and cool summer evenings. They're further better for families, as there aren't any super colossal gaps for small kids to get confused in. There are also hammocks specifically designed for camping, which offer protection from the elements and extras like mosquito netting. Poolside hammocks are made from quick-drying weather resistant fabric perfect to use by the pool or ocean.

Non-spreader bar hammocks which are hand woven in bright incomparable patterns are gentle and affordable, and include Mexican, Brazilian again Nicaraguan designs. Hammocks pledge be hung from sturdy tree branches, from hooks on ceilings, walls or decks, or from leaven built stands. Hammock temperament kits, hanging chains and tree straps are readily available from online hammock stores. For smaller spaces, hammock chairs or swings are a popular option. These can easily be hung upon a deck, porch or balcony. They besides offer cozy seating in small apartments or lofts.

Your own hammock can warrant a even-tempered retreat thanks to you to get away from the turmoil of modern life, inducing a calm and laidback feeling. Hammocks are perfect for relaxing also unwinding, and make great additions to any home.More Info about;

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Black and White Bathroom Decor

Black and White bathroom decor ideas from this blog may inspire you to build your favorite bathroom design with black and white color. Black and white color combination may become one of best color combination that can bring a sense of sophisticated elegance and luxurious. Black and white bathroom decor is how to use black and white color combination as a basic color. Black color symbolizes a dark side and white color symbolizes a bright side, after that we can also adding more accessories with different color such as orange, purple or red, and here are the samples.
Black and White Bathroom Decor
Black and White Bathroom Decor
This black and white bathroom decor is one of the best color combination, with minimalist furniture, this modern bathroom used an awesome decoration in each bathroom component.

black and white bathroom decor with tiles
black and white bathroom decor with tiles
 There are a lot of way to give your bathroom decor with black and white, above picture is one of best black and white bathroom decor with tiles, choose the black tiles for flooring or wall. A black and white bathroom can be dramatic, elegant and timeless. This classic color combination has stood the test of time from the vintage bathrooms of yesteryear to today's modern bathroom.
black and white bathroom decor ideas
black and white bathroom decor ideas

A touch of black and white in selected areas draws the eye and can enhance architectural features. Black will absorb light, whilst white is the ultimate reflector of light. Grey, being a combination of the two, can be ideal to create a softer effect.

Combine charcoal grey with the palest of silvery grey for a variation on the black and white theme. It can also be a great way to turn a standard bathroom vanity into a unique piece. Mask off areas to be painted in various patterns or have a look at the huge selection of available wallpapers or vinyl to spruce up a cabinet.

Scott, Rich & Victoria

Scott, Rich & Victoria is the creative partnership between two New Zealand designers - Scott Fitzsimons and Richard Hartle (he's living in London). There's more images at their website, clicky pants.

Inside the Design Studios...

The first New Zealand Creative Mornings (a breakfast design-lecture series) were held a couple of weeks back, with the designers behind Studio magazine up first as speakers. In this video, Clem Devine and Zoe Ikin talk about the inspiration behind starting up a magazine outside of their normal work, and show some of the photos that didn't make it to the pages of the first Studio. Anyway, I was bummed out I couldn't make it to this first Creative Mornings. But by the power of the Interwebs and greyskull, it doesn't even matter bro. I just watched this video, and so can you.
(I pinched the images of Studio Magazine off Endemic World - who are selling the first issue online. Only $15)

Single Bedroom Design for Apartment

Single Bedroom Design
Single Bedroom Design

Single bedroom design usually designed for small house too, apartment, guest house, small hotels, etc. On this time I will share you several picture of single bedroom design for apartment. As we know that an apartment is a single space, or small house that rented for single person or small family.

 Before renting an apartment, people usually will asking about the bedroom, it's important to considering the convenience of the room such as the bedroom and another space on the apartment, because most of apartments have limited space, so most of apartments have single bedroom design.

Here are the tips for choosing an apartments even though they have just a single bedroom design:
  • Ensuring that the bedroom is convenience with sufficient lighting system, well air circulation and air conditioning system, good sanitary with indoor bathroom.
  • Try to choose an apartment with sufficient spacious, it's important because we will saving our goods in just one room.
  • The apartment should completed with sufficient furniture storage or wall storage to get more efficient spacious.
  • Choose a smart and good color of the room, it's important because specific color has special effect to the temperature and lighting system.

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Small Bathroom Designs for Minimalist House

Small Bathroom Designs
Small Bathroom Designs

Small bathroom designs are the best solution for minimalist house, in a small house, all of the rooms are important, so we should considering the detail size and design of the rooms. Here are several important steps to make your small bathroom with some refreshing shades. Apply Refreshing Shades in Small Bathroom
  • Apply blue color which is a receding color and always opens up small spaces.
  • Use light colors on walls and ceiling in small spaces so that your bathroom may look large, open and airy. 
  • Small bathroom designs are sensitive in color choice, try to use soft and cool colors for doors, cabinets as it makes bathroom larger.
  • Avoid dark/strong colors in bathroom such as red, orange and bright yellow.
  • Use your space wisely In order to make the area look its best. Make sure you have a different area to store things such as deodorant and other toiletries.
  • Make sure that you choose items that are smaller than the average item when you are picking out fixtures and accessories.
  • Use of mirrors and lighting could make a huge difference in how the entire room looks when you install mirrors and the right lighting into smaller spaces 
Small bathroom designs in black and white
Small bathroom designs in black and white

    Using your creative imaginations to decorate small bathroom designs are very important in order to get the look and feel that you want. If you don’t have money and live in a home with small bathroom, and you want to fix your small bathroom, take a look of these few-most basic small bathroom designs that will save your money.

    Fancy Spaces - interiors I like

    This is the home studio of Fine Little Day. It's pretty much the home studio of my dreeeeeeeeams.

    That rocking horse is random, and I know this is a bit tooooo all white everything, but I dig it.
    It's the home of Finnish stylist Susanna Vento, and I found it on this great Scandinavian blog.

    Holy fucking shit. This is cool. It's the home of australian graphic designer Jess Wright (Jess and her two friends run Harvest Textiles - I think you'll like their stuff, have a look).
    All these images were taken from The Design Files... and there's more images here.


    People often presume true to brace themselves as they begin the overwhelming turmoil of shopping for the gain hardwood floors for their home, though they start to breathe easy once they have that ideal ostentation clasped tightly in their hands. But, what exactly are you going to do with that wood? It's clear that you've thought about the timber species and stain, as those factors infinitely obviously touch the look and feel of the room, but have you thought about the board width or rudiment pattern or decorative touches?

    Don't panic. Keep clasping your blaze of hardwood and read about your options. You'll realize that we know what you want better than you thought.

    Board width:

    Board width can be away into two categories, strip and plank. rook is reduction than 3' below and plank is greater than 3' wide, usually getting as wide being 7' and sometimes even wider.

    strip flooring can exhibit used to create almost each look by putting together the right combination of species, stain, installation pattern and furnishing. Strip flooring creates a running, linear effect that, much like a mirror or light paint colors, gives its illusion of a larger space. This creates it particularly appropriate if you are problematic to achieve a contemporary look in your room, especially if you choose a select grade hardwood with the uniform color. It is the additional common flooring option seen in both commercial and residential applications.

    Plank flooring, camouflage its wide boards, is more commonly used when trying to achieve a rustic or country gawk in the space. It awfully creates a linear effect in the room but the width of the boards doesn't expand the space considering significantly. Although traditionally made from pine and thought of as the floor used in old farm houses or colonial homes, designers are starting to acknowledge the beauty of this option for contemporary designs in that well.

    Installation patterns:

    The installation pattern you choose for your space trust have as immensely weight upon the resultant look as the actual timber you put in. veritable will influence the coming furniture will sit besides the movement in the room. Although there aren't that umpteen options, they are vastly different from any other, and so choose efficiently.

    The most simple and common square one pattern is straight. Wood play are installed parallel to each other along the length or width of the room. This pattern is great for simple, contemporary designs as well as any other design that wants to blessing the beautiful gawk of wood flooring lost showy installations-this pattern lets the wood speak for itself. This is also the least expensive of the available installation patterns, over it is the most straight-forward. unbroken other patterns are more costly because of additional wood and longer installation costs.

    Random installation is also installed magnetism a straight-forward, parallel pattern but it uses a mixture of floor board widths. You can choose its ratio of wide to slight boards, what widths we want to use, and how many boxes of each to purchase. This gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of shopping and could save you capital if, for example, you buy left over boxes from discontinued series. This patterns often impression leverage a rancher looking space, it adds a lot of movement to the room and gives it an energetic feel.

    Diagonal configuration installation adds a touch of exultation and formality to a room without straying terribly far from traditional straight installation or adding too much to your final remodeling invoice. Boards are installed parallel to any other but they are laid during a 45

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    Two very modern homes...

    Two amazing Homes...

    Yesterday while searching through some really cool blog postings I found the following two homes that are absolutely amazing.. I truly believe these are ideal minimal architecture, interior design, and perfect modern contemporary homes.. 

    Enjoy the pics and post.. 

    Beach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue 


    Beach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue ArchitectureBeach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue Architecture
    Beach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue ArchitectureBeach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue Architecture
    Beach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue ArchitectureBeach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue Architecture
    Beach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue ArchitectureBeach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue Architecture
    Beach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue ArchitectureBeach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue Architecture
    Beach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue ArchitectureBeach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue Architecture
    Beach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue ArchitectureBeach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue Architecture
    Beach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue ArchitectureBeach House in Diamond Beach by Bourne Blue Architecture

    This site, just behind the sand dunes of Diamond Beach on the north coast of NSW half is very flat and has a more modest view of wetlands. The proximity of the ocean would living by the sea, though the house could not access view of the ocean to provide the amenity. The design therefore necessary to work in this context and provide the equipment inside. This is a holiday home for a large family, who travel frequently on with other families, so facilities for 10 to 15 people were needed. A covenant on the land dictated that the house was built using the brick and tile.
    The design consists of four elements, wrapped around a central courtyard. Living area, two separate sleeping areas adult and a children’s area. The living area has a slab for thermal mass and faces North. The two sleeping areas are identical adult retreats parents at opposite corners, while the area has a children’s dormitory boys and girls and TV area. Each of the four components is separated by a covered bridge, which houses two hammocks, a dining area or entrance. A shed roof wraps around the yard in all these areas, simplifying the roof drainage and with the unit.
    Sliding perforated mini orb covered bridges close to the edge of the building, so they are safe when the house is not in use. They also screen the sun and adverse weather. A second set of screens wrap around the courtyard, which also protect against the elements and meet the extended absences.
    Architects: Bourne Blue Architecture
    Location: Diamond Beach, Australia
    Photographs: Simon Whitbread

    Concrete House in Rüti by AFGH

    Concrete House in Rüti by AFGHConcrete House in Rüti by AFGH
    Concrete House in Rüti by AFGHConcrete House in Rüti by AFGH
    Concrete House in Rüti by AFGHConcrete House in Rüti by AFGH
    Concrete House in Rüti by AFGHConcrete House in Rüti by AFGH
    Concrete House in Rüti by AFGHConcrete House in Rüti by AFGH
    Concrete House in Rüti by AFGHConcrete House in Rüti by AFGH
    Concrete House in Rüti by AFGHConcrete House in Rüti by AFGH
    Concrete House in Rüti by AFGHConcrete House in Rüti by AFGH
    Concrete House in Rüti by AFGHConcrete House in Rüti by AFGH

    Home for a family with two children is set on a hillside vineyard old who had remained undeveloped. On the northern slope of the hill adjacent to a non-developable area, the house is surrounded by large trees. To be able to even use the site it was necessary to the terrace of the immediate environment, and the house was developed along the lines of the topography formed.
    In the process, the four terraces themselves function as outdoor spaces, each corresponding to a specific interior space. Unusual topography is also reflected in the construction of the building. The connection to the land is a staircase, underground cellar widely exposed internal concrete floors insulated, above which is a prefabricated building with a facade of wood Eternit ventilated. Large plates are embossed with a prototype of the textile-like, producing a raw and haptic.
    Inside, a staircase core is the center of a spatial sequence that takes place over three floors. Entry level are the children’s rooms, with cellars in the back. The floor is recessed above, creating differentiated spatial heights for different areas of the house. The doors on the intermediate level with living rooms and parents’ room allow a circular movement.
    Due to building regulations, roof slopes above the living room in parallel with the ground, and runs directly on the flat roof in the studio and in the guest room upstairs. A light roof running the entire width of the building creates a character in the studio at the top, at the same time lighting the room living.
    Architect: AFGH
    Location: Rüti, Switzerland
    Photographs: Valentin Jeck

    Two absolutely amazing home designs... 

    AG Home Goods