Thursday, March 31, 2011

70's Style Home in Palm Springs

This house wonderful! I love the openness of it. I found it today while checking out Elle Decor. The home belongs to graphic designer, Jeffery Kerns. Mr. Kerns did the decorating himself and states in the Elle Decor interview that he designs his rooms around the artwork on the walls. I think this is a different approach than what most people do but his rooms look great so maybe he's on to something. Enjoy! : )

 A view of the 70's ranch-style home.

 I love how colorful and fun the living room is! Artwork is by Richard Serra and Sean Duffy. The Great Dane is a nice touch too. : )

 The kitchen is incredible! It's so open and clean. I LOVE the cooktop island. 

 Again, very open and all the glass lets in so much light.

 Love the huge Lolita print. Don't be afraid of big artwork.

 I adore this boat tub by Wieki Somers! It's so different and fun.

A great outdoor space is so important to me so naturally I love this one.

127 Pearl Avenue Interior Design on California

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" Sophisticated Garden Home Embraces the Ease of Living at the Beach " that is one expression which interesting from 127 pearl avenue. Good home interior design at the beach make this hom interior very interesting. Some people in the world want to have a home at the beach, because they can enjoy the beach at the morning and evening.

I like a home interior at the beach, i don't know you like or not, but this interior design is one ideas for you which want to builg home interior at the beach.You can find more information 127 pearl avenue california on their site, you can visit here

minimalist custom home design

minimalist custom home design

Neutral walls get a hint of bold color here and there with an art piece or a Furniture and accessories come with sweeping curves and softer lines. Contemporary minimalist design has a slightly softer form. Metal accents are infused with the designs of furniture and fixtures.

Bold geometric patterns and polished surfaces are prominent in furniture and upholstery is neutral. It is done with the help of basic interior elements like furniture, book cases, cabinets etc. Room division does not depend on walls. Large windows and glass walls help create a sense of airiness and also allow maximum natural light into the homes, making it a very eco friendly environment. Modern minimalist designs come with neutral walls without any frills, allowing for display of big artworks and accessories.

The focus is less on ornamentation and more on uniformity in shape, color and texture which creates an atmosphere of open spaces. Minimalist home design can be modern or contemporary. Open floor plan without many walls is the basic feature in minimalist design. Every element is designed in such a manner that it is functional as well as visually appealing.

Less is more is the motto when minimalist designs are created. This gives the home a very comfortable and inviting feel. The form and structure can be broken down to the basic elements and space is used in the most efficient way possible. Today's homes come with space at a premium and hence, minimalist designs for modern homes can help create a balance between form and functionality of interior design elements. Modern designers incorporate minimalism into their designs to make the most of the limited space available in modern homes.

Most minimalist designs are inspired by Japanese classic designs. The designs exude expansiveness and harmony. Minimalism can be defined as a trend in design and architecture where the exterior and interior of a building are planned in such a manner that there is a feel of open vast spaces without any clutter.

Avant Garde Home Furnishings in the news....

Avant-Garde in the news....

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Bloom Time Line: Spring Bulbs

This is repeat story from 2010—a popular topic for those anticipating spring blooms from bulbs! As an update for 2011, the VOLES ate all of my Dutch iris bulbs over the winter. Very sad! Worse than the deer herd whose population is ever-increasing and chose only to munch a yucca in desperation over the winter.

When do plants bloom? That's always an important question when designing a garden. By noting bloom times, it is easier to match up companions for the future.

When selecting bulbs to bloom in mid-April, I shopped for bloom times in May or June—based on zone 5 bulb sellers.

All of my bulbs were planted in late autumn for spring bloom. The bulbs that have been in my garden for several years bloomed a few days earlier than new bulbs. Bloom time was also earlier for bulbs in all day full sun— versus bulbs in sun for half of the day.

Below is a recap of the dates for spring blooming bulbs in my zone 7b garden in North Carolina. Of course, warmer zones will have earlier blooms and cooler zones will have later blooms. Bloom times also differ by variety, so I'm not including daffodils in my recap.

April 15 - Dutch iris (iris x hollandica)
Blooms finished on most varieties by May 7.

April 15 - Spanish bluebells (Hyacinthoides hispanica)
Blooms ended around April 30.

April 15 - allium aflatunenense 'Purple Sensation'
Blooms were fading by May 7, but the green orbs will be interesting for another week.

April 22 - Star of Persia (allium christophii)
Still in bloom on May 7 and the green orbs will be left for interest.

Every bulb included has proven to be deer resistant. The Dutch iris foliage was nibbled by rabbits early on. The irises recovered so I consider all of these blooms to be rabbit resistant. Your results with wildlife may be different.

These perennial bulbs multiply every year, so it's important to mark the location in the spring if you need to divide the bulbs in the fall.
Words and photos by Freda Cameron, Defining Your Home, Garden and Travel. Deer and rabbit resistance varies based upon the animal population and availability of food. All company or product or patented names mentioned are registered trademarks, copyrights, or patents owned by those respective companies or persons.

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