Friday, April 30, 2010


Minimalist garden design

How minimalist design for the home garden?
Park home owners increasingly become the status symbol. Mix & match style house with a garden can produce a unique look and increasingly reflects the owner.

At present, the park houses not only as a mere supplement, but it's getting just as important as architecture and interiors. Even for some people has become a symbol of prestige. The better someone's home garden arrangement, reflecting the social class of owners.

Park in your house. Same personal with home design. It is expected that the design reflects not only personal but also supports the home owner activity and the needs of residents of the space. From the head of the family, wife to the kids.

For example, one of the lifestyle trend now is to hold a garden party with a barbeque in the evening or late afternoon. Of course, we will gladly run this program when we garden with good design, especially at night.

If we have children who are active. Obviously need a roomy place to play. Garden elements such as swings and play ground equipment that other children can we match the garden design.

Certainly many aspects that must be taken into account in designing the park. Although we do get help from the landscaper, still we must pay attention to the important aspects in the design of the park, namely: expansion of existing parks, activities shall be accommodated in the park, the harmony of gardens with buildings.

Like architecture, garden design known in a variety of gardens. What is the type of garden? There are various types of parks are generally known. Distinguished by the cultural background and geographical origin of the development of the park. Differences in composition and animating characters that used the park.

There are so many types of garden that a traditional cultural background and geographical. There's Japanese garden, china garden, garden french, American, English, tropical Bali, a tropical Thailand and Japan, there is a growing garden suitable times, such as garden modern, minimalist and dry garden. Each type reflects a strong character and have different effects lover.

That one architectural style developed today are minimalist. This style emerged after World War II. Nowhere on Those days lots of people's houses destroyed by the war so That the government make a home in modular form (Standard and Poor 'in Aceh now), WHO is easy and cheap workmanship but still with the design well. Key features of this building is a simple form, without ornament and emphasis on function space.

Simple and without ornament is suitable to the spirit and lifestyle during this period. Simple and emphasis on function. Unfortunately in Indonesia, this minimalist style so expensive because it is not made of modules that are available and must be custom made.

Distinctive minimalist building is at least ornament and color who tend to be styled 'industry' is a white, gray and black.

Houses do not have minimalism minimalist garden as well. Mix & match (solid-match) of the various garden-style residential homes can make you look more stylish.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Real Estate On The Front Line Of Luxury

The video clip of the documentary below was recently produced for Plum TV. The first minute or so includes a part of an interview that Plum TV did with me. I was asked to respond to questions regarding luxury real estate in Miami.

Food Network Magazine: Trays!

High Fashion Home was mentioned in the May 2010 issue of Food Network magazine.  The Melamine Trays have been a big hit since the issue hit the newsstands.  This high concept gift makes for a wonderful Mother's Day present and comes in a Champagne, Tea, and Breakfast theme. 

Tech Furniture with Changing Color Fibers, Milan 2010

Some of the showrooms we saw in Milan were just so inviting, that we just had to go in and take a closer look. Michael was particularly drawn to the Fokas Fiber showroom which could be easily observed from far away due to the cool changing colors embedded in the furniture. We spent at least a quarter of hour there, enjoying the way the sofas, chairs and even carpets changed colors. The technology used to create this designs is fiber optics. Here are a few words from the official web page of the producers: “Fiber optics may be good for the internet, but it is also very eye-catching in furniture. One of a kind sexy sofa that you have never seen before. Fokas Fiber is the only company in the world to produce them and had its worldwide debut in Dubai at the Index 2006 show. Fokas is a Greek company based in Thessaloniki and has been around for 35 years.” Don’t forget to check out the video in order to see how the system works. Would you go for this type of furniture or do you consider it to be too flashy?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Minimalist Design Style House Widely Used

Architect Design minimalist house developed very rapidly in recent years. We met many people who wanted to use a minimalist style to follow fashion. Usually those who like to force the youngsters, an executive with a dynamic lifestyle, urban lifestyle, and all kind of simple, neat and elegant and this express themselves.

very clear and nothing wrong if the force is not only one of the main architectural styles, but also answers the times are getting "the most out of something at least." These funds may be construction of a minimal, or even a lifestyle that is minimized. various reasons ejected, this force was used because of limited funds, but it can still be reversed limitations of trend following. yes legitimate reason, but there is another sniper stance-a stance that could reduce the cost to be affordable.

Check out the look of the Home Design Minimalism without excessive ornamentation, no trinkets, wearing materials exposed impressed with what is "honest" in appearance, not "lebay". Bak is an executive job with the look of a clean, neat, elegant, practical and express themselves, and for many people this is fun.

There is a reason that this style is one of the main form of protest by the followers understand minimalism on the exploitation of natural resources in an all-out used in vain. There is also that suggests that this "back to basic" because when the incidence in the United States is considered a very positive of a modern movement.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Designer Rugs from Dhesja

When floors are adorned with carpets, they transform into pieces of art. These designs from Dhesja do just that! Contemporary designs blend extremely well with the furniture and turn the rugs into well placed pieces of eye candy. Though each has a different texture and size, none of them fail to impress.

There is no saying as to where the rugs look best! Keeping your home in mind, you could casually let it rest in your living room or place it in your bedroom to give it a warmer feel.

Take a look.

red and green rug

different design

rgrass rug

white rug

red rug

red flower rug

green rug

love anyone

zebra pattern

brown and green rug

intricate designs

brown and beige

If you come across stunning home accessories like these which you think need to be featured here at Home-Designing, please mention them in the comments. Also we run a steady stream of cool posts like this at Home Designing and if you like to be notified when we have more such inspiring posts, please subscribe to our feed or newsletter!

Want more? Check out these awesome rugs featured before at Home-Designing to get a few more inspiring ideas!

Ways to Make Electrical Wirings Less Messy and More Classy

Wires lying around the house are a very common sight. As much they are difficult to hide they are equally inevitable to do without. Are you looking for some wire-handling solutions? Here are some that might just come handy.

space saving 3 pin plug

How about this slimmed down plug which was a show stealer at one of the college art fests. Designer Min-Kyu Choi’s plug is just 10mm wide when folded and it can swivel out 90 degrees making itself compatible to be plugged into a normal 3 pin socket.

bird and leaves decorative cables

Use birds and leaves to camouflage the wires that cant be hidden behind furniture. The utility factor remains questionable but it does increase the aesthetic value of the room. You can get it here.

wirepod tendrils

This work of art comes from a designer who believes in keeping wires – visible; a curvy multi power socket product called wirepod that, if looked from a distance, appears to be part of the floor design.

electro man

This one is far from being anything electrical. But appearances are deceiving and when they are as friendly faced they are surely welcoming. Hail electro man! (You can buy it here.)

power block for messy cables

phone tablet


There are too many people complaining about cables and there are a few delectable solutions provided. Like this Powerblock that shields all the wire mess.

make art with wires


Why hide your cable wires? Show them off with the mount peg boards.

picket fences

You just can’t have enough of wire-hiding ideas! Here’s one more. Called the picket fence, this one is a great DIY concept.

Tropic Minimalist Home Design Architecture in Indonesia

Tropic Minimalist Home Design Architecture in East Java, Indonesia

The architectural design minimalist house at home is not difficult as the size. We can make some small areas look even bigger then actual size. In Malang, East Java, Indonesia, several small houses adapt to minimize the architectural design tropical house. It uses some of gardening, wall color composition, texture and some home decor.

Minimalist House Design

Minimalist home decor could use some elements such as the use of a small gate, textured floors and gardening. minimalist home architecture design is not really good in the tropical climate. The cause of the high temperature makes the house hotter than a bigger house. But, if the small house architectural design to adapt good air circulation, it will affect the heat problem.

architecture necessary for a small area of the house. It can explore a small area appear larger than it is real.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boutiques Concept Design on Eyewear Gallery Store Interior

Boutiques Concept Design on Eyewear Gallery Store Interior

This stylish and natural unfinished wood interior design of concept fashion boutique and eyewear gallery store is designed and fabricated by Ilan Dei Studio. The store is located near their design studio and workshop in Venice, California. The design intention takes cues from a variety of inspirations, ranging from the Eames bent plywood processes and skateboard construction to the sand dune formations and ocean waves seen along the neighboring coast. moldresdes
Boutiques Concept Design on Eyewear Gallery Store Interior

Boutiques Concept Design on Eyewear Gallery Store Interior

Boutiques Concept Design on Eyewear Gallery Store Interior

Boutiques Concept Design on Eyewear Gallery Store Interior

Boutiques Concept Design on Eyewear Gallery Store Interior

Boutiques Concept Design on Eyewear Gallery Store Interior

This stylish and natural unfinished wood interior design of concept fashion boutique and eyewear gallery store is designed and fabricated by Ilan Dei Studio. The store is located near their design studio and workshop in Venice, California. The design intention takes cues from a variety of inspirations, ranging from the Eames bent plywood processes and skateboard construction to the sand dune formations and ocean waves seen along the neighboring coast. moldresdes
Boutiques Concept Design on Eyewear Gallery Store Interior

Boutiques Concept Design on Eyewear Gallery Store Interior

Boutiques Concept Design on Eyewear Gallery Store Interior

Boutiques Concept Design on Eyewear Gallery Store Interior

Enhance Traditional Bathroom Design with Muirfield Bathroom Design

Traditional Bathroom Design by MoenLooking for a way to add a bit of traditional elegance to your bathroom design? When you want to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom, consider installing a faucet or other fixtures and accessories from Moen's Muirfield suite in your home's bathroom. The classic faucet pictured here has modern water-saving features designed with conservation and utility cost control in mind, paired with a simple to operate and beautiful high arc spout.
“The Muirfield bathroom suite offers a traditional style with exceptional design consumers prefer in a quality product backed by the Moen name,” said Kevin Campbell, Moen’s director of retail marketing. You can choose from several different faucet styles, selecting between single and two handle options with either standard, mid, or high arc spouts. You cal also select the finish that best coordinates with your overall bathroom design, choosing among Chrome, LifeShine® Classic Brushed Nickel and Old World Bronze.

Simply Elegant Minimalist Home Design

Simply Elegant Minimalist Home Design

Only a few plans to start building a house of minimalist elegance. We started small so that we can focus on quality. As we grow our commitment is to always represent the only plan that offers high-quality design inside and out. Architectural styles we offer will usually be a modern, livable house interpretation of American Classics. Unique house plans and sophisticated yet simple design of the house like Country, Craftsman, Bungalow, Shingle Style, Cape Cod, Cottage, Colonial and Farmhouse. Can not find the plan you're looking for? Please drop us a note with your suggestions or our custom design one for you.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Modern Bedroom Furniture Designs

Modern Bedroom Furniture DesignsThe term “modern bedroom” does not refer to the physical “age” of the room itself. Rather, a “modern bedroom” is one decorated in a manner that parallels modern design values. Generally, this means that for your furnishings to be considered modern bedroom furniture, they have to be indicative of a characteristically modern minimalist aesthetic. To put it simply: For a modern bedroom, less is more. To achieve a truly modern look, you will first need to de-clutter your bedroom.

Creating a Minimalist Home Design That Embodies "The Luxury of Enough"

Why Houses Minimalist
Creating a minimalist home design that embodies "the luxury of enough" | Minimalist House Design

Why Houses Minimalist?
Many Americans long for a simple life and there are so many books and guides to help us find it in their daily routine and in the workplace. However, most of us are unpracticed in explaining to others (or even ourselves) what a simple house or a minimalist for a truly life would look like. We feel that there is something missing in our hurried routines, but we do not know where to start editing the complexity.

In my book, we began a simple exploration of the 21 homes across the country and the experiences of people who built them. The houses and their owners travel offers an interesting counterpoint to the way most people buy a new home developers in the market today.

Pathways to Home Search
21 houses are arranged in six lines that people use simple ask what really matters to them well in their lives and homes. Ranging from saving for flexibility in design, this track can help you consider your own home and how to simplify it. Roads are as follows:

Simple and minimalist design of the house is enough - A house is minimalist and simple is a positive affirmation of "the luxury of simply" By this we mean that a simple home design begins with finding out how much you really need and what you can eliminate .. Luxury of sufficient means to face the fact that you really do not need eight-burner stove and a larger kitchen for the house. Forty years ago, the utility used to be a bad word in home design. In the 1950s rambler, the utility room is not really a showplace for our guests. But today, many utilitarian buildings such as warehouses and an old barn, is a highly desirable location for new housing and work space. They are designed for pure function for storage and industry, but this time they worked brilliantly for the open-plan living. They offer the luxury of living in a world apart.

simple, minimalist home is often a rectangular, sometimes square, and was always "enough," whether in terms of dormers, the number of bathrooms, or square recordings. At this point, we visit homes that reflect their owners choosing to live instead of images they want to present to the street. This design for "adequate" appear deceptively simple because they really grew out of a lot of careful decision making.

Ways to Use Pattern Paper

Talk about a perfect challenge - use pattern papers!  To make this one from Splitcoast (WT267) a little more of a challenge, I made myself...
  • select pattern papers from different paper collections so they didn't automatically coordinate.
  • select papers that did not have the same colors as any of the other papers
This made it tough for me because I get hung up on what needs to 'match.'  Yet another of the Joys of Papercrafting is you get to play with patterns and try stuff out without a huge time or money investment.  I'm pretty happy with the results of this one.

Project Notes:
  • The design is CASEd from June 2010's Scrapbooks Etc. magazine.  They have a feature on cards.  Check it out, there are some good designs.
  • Rub-ons help fit a sentiment into a small space on the scalloped paper.
  • The ribbon is cut in half.  There will details on saving ribbon in next week's TIPsy Tuesday.
Here's another with just a couple of changes...

Ingredients:  DSP:  Nook and Pantry by Basic Grey, Thrift Shop by Oct Afternoon, 365 Degrees by Pink Paislee
Cardstock:  Kraft, Choc Chip by SU!
Rub-ons by SU!
Marker:  Chocolate Chip