Monday, August 31, 2009

Miami Real Estate Market Sees Spark Of Light

Miami real estate has undergone its share of turmoil in the past few years, and many homeowners have suffered as a result. However, there are signs that a bottoming out is taking place right now, at least with respect to the sale of single-family homes in the Miami area. The latest statistics documented by, showed a substantial increase in sales of single-family residences this July over July 2008. Last month 1,622 homes sold, as compared to 1,277 in July of 2008, a remarkable increase of approximately 27%. That is the good news. The bad news is that median home prices dropped considerably from a year ago. The median home price in July 2008 was $249,000, and last month, it was $206,000, a decrease in value of more than 20% from a year ago.

Miami real estate sales - market statistics

Condo sales tell a far different story. The overbuilding of condominium towers by greedy developers over the past several years, has taken its toll on thousands of Miami residents. In July of 2008 the median sales price of a condo in Miami was $348,000, and one year later, in July 2009, the median price dropped to $230,000, reducing the price of a condo to only 66% of its value just 12 months earlier. Sales have also dropped substantially in the Miami condo market. In July of 2009, only 1,524 condo units sold in Dade County, as compared to 2,441 sold apartments in July 2008, a drop of more than 40% in number of sales from the same month, a year earlier.

10 Red and White Living Rooms Interior Design Ideas

Whether your living room is a 21 foot length with a large picture window at one end or you live in a tiny apartment and the living room is bijou to say the least, there are living room décor ideas to suit you and your budget. You can go for cozy chic and warm up your living space or go for open-plan with vaulted ceilings and an expanse of herringbone hardwood floor. At the end of your project you will have ended up with a space that you can live in comfortably, decorated according to the space you have available. Are you aiming for a peaceful retreat, full of serenity and harmony or a more user-friendly, basic living space where you feel comfortable slipping your shoes off and putting your feet up.

If I was choosing a color scheme for my living room I would go to the cooler colors on my color wheel chart - the blues and greens which can be used in different shades to achieve a 'joined-up' look of cool elegance. I always make sure that, when I paint my ceiling, I use a light shade of the room's main color on my ceiling so, if my color scheme was blue, I would use the lightest eggshell blue I could find for my ceiling and then a slightly deeper shade of blue for my walls. If you have mouldings you could paint those completely white, or go for a darker shade of blue to both the walls and the ceiling. I would use matt paint on my walls and a paint with some kind of sheen on the mouldings.

For windows, to add height, place the curtain pole as high as possible near to the ceiling. This will give your curtains plenty of drop to achieve an elegant drape. Modern décor arrangements always suggest that the fabric should be allowed to pool on the floor - never in my house. To me, artistic though it evidently is, this 'pooling' idea for the fabric is just a dust collector and, if you have dogs like I do, is just asking them to make a bed out of the fabric! Why did I mention this? Find out what the trends are, but that does not mean you have to follow the trends slavishly. Adapt styles to suit you and your lifestyle.

You would think, wouldn't you, that a large picture placed on the wall in a small room would be overpowering. Surprisingly, it isn't. I have the tiniest lounge you can imagine and, on the wall above the fireplace I have a really large picture of the Defence of Rourke's Drift, depicting the British soldiers of 'B' Company, South Wales Borderers. This picture is very loud, very busy, with plenty going on in it. However, it looks absolutely fantastic in that room, almost as if the room was made to fit the picture!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Minimalist Inside Bathroom with Line Pattern

The Minimalist Inside Bathroom with Line Pattern
This is the minimalist Line patterned interior sample, this "Inside" bathroom gave you a convenience feeling when you stay or use this bathroom. Similar color and design between the wall and the ceiling make this room looks has unlimited space, and had the great spacious.

Minimalist Inside Bathroom with Line Pattern
The new washplaces, floor-standing and with wall connection, has a side drawer for the main bathroom which can be arranged on the left or right depending on the space available and opened with a push-to-open function.
Minimalist Inside Bathroom with Line Pattern

Minimalist Inside Bathroom with Line Pattern
About the company:
Alape, founded in 1896, produces top quality bathroom furnishings in glassed steel, wood and other architecture-relevant materials. With its component system, the company supports bathroom designers in the planning and implementation of individual washplace solutions for private and semi-public use
Minimalist Inside Bathroom with Line Pattern

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bring Japanese Interior Atmosphere to our House

Bring Japanese Interior Atmosphere to our House
Like it's culture, the Japanese interior style had the special typical characteristics that apparently not cracked by time and penetrated the territory limit. Since dozens last year, in Asia, Europe, or America, the Japanese style was often applied in the house remodeling, bathroom design, door design, bedroom, living room and another interior decorations. On the first picture, the shape of the bedroom is very simple, decorated with bamboo blind and white colored, this bedroom had a modern minimalist of Japanese style.
Bring Japanese Interior Atmosphere to our House
The main key to bring the atmosphere of Japanese interior to out house is the simplicity, natural, and a little special ornaments were used as the accent or the blend in the style of the arrangement of traditional Japanese culture. See on above picture, the sliding door is designed to make the room more spacious, by sliding the door, the space of door's track will be reduced.
Bring Japanese Interior Atmosphere to our House
The main room or living room of Japanese interior is dominated with wooden material, the wooden floor is suitable for any weather, and the use of 'shoji' as the wall will keep the warm of the room.
Bring Japanese Interior Atmosphere to our House
This is a special bathtub design with Japanese traditional bathtub style, made of steel, this is an unique but special bathroom in Japanese interior.

Bring Japanese Interior Atmosphere to our House

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Contemporary Kids Bedroom Design Ideas by Mariani

Between about age six and 11, children can experience the world in a wonderfully free way. Liberated from the limitations and frustrations of early childhood but not yet in the thick of the demands and concerns of adolescence, kids, in what classic psychology calls the "latency period," are avidly discovering their world and their own potential. You can guide and support this discovery process by the way you design your child's room.

Grade-schoolers are a mixed bag. Like younger kids, they still need space to play on the floor and kick up their heels in safety. But like older kids, they have to contend with a lot of homework. A good-size desk, a comfortable chair, and a minimum of breakable knickknacks help satisfy both the big and little kid inside your grade-schooler.

When it comes to decorating the space, a grade-schooler is old enough to have significant input. No guarantees, but the more your child is involved in helping plan the room scheme, the likelier it is he or she will take pride in the space and take care of it. Kids this age often have hobbies, interests, or talents that are already part of their self-definition, so by all means reinforce those you feel are positive.

Keep your eyes open for key items that will pull a positive room concept together for your child. It may be easier than you think. One lively boy who loved the big cats but not his pale turquoise walls changed his mind when given a dramatic quilt depicting a rare white tiger with turquoise eyes. The quilt border colors were turquoise, brown, white and green, so the rest of the room took on a jungle theme.

An artistic girl who had a hard time choosing one or two colors for her room found happiness with a rainbow motif. People began giving her rainbow-decorated accessories, so her room came together quickly. A nice plus: Just about any clear, solid color fits in. What theme can you use to knit together your child's preferences and interests with the room and furnishings you already have?

At this stage of the game, you and your child may still clash on the issue of color, but a grade-schooler is also old enough to understand (or at least accept) your explanation. If he wants vivid blue and bright orange, for example, you can satisfy that desire with small furniture items and accents in those hues and treat the walls to a pale, room-expanding tint of light blue or light orange sherbet.

Whether you and your child are inspired by a specific theme or just a color scheme, don't feel you have to create something elaborate. Keep in mind that the pictures you see in this book or in decorating magazines are settings at their "company best." In everyday life, a grade-schooler's toys, books, homework projects, and clothes tend to take over all but the most rigorously policed spaces. Even a minimally decorated room will look plenty busy most of the time, so keep it simple.

One proven, simple approach is to develop a color scheme of two or three hues and stick with it when buying or refurbishing pieces. If you have less-than-pedigreed furniture, paint pieces one color and add wood pulls and knobs in another color or design. If you're buying fabric accessories, use the more sedate color for big items such as a comforter or an upholstered computer chair. Save the brighter, lighter color for pillows and other small accents. If your child's scheme is navy and yellow, for example, you can swap the yellow for red, light green, pink, or any number of other choices when their tastes change without a big investment.

What if your child's favorite colors and preferred theme seem at odds? If that happens (it may, if you've got a particularly imaginative youngster), look beyond the prepackaged ideas out there. For example, a butterfly theme doesn't have to be delicate and pastel; the common monarch butterfly is dramatic black and orange. So, imagine a room with peach walls hung with monarch butterfly prints and black lacquer furniture with brass butterfly drawer pulls. You get the idea. Virtually any concept can be used with a little creativity.

Stumped on how to make it work? Ask your child. To a grade-schooler, the world of imagination is still clear and present, and a sea green giraffe may be just what he or she had in mind.

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Meera Dabir

From designing and making props for movie sets, to creating magic on the walls of homes and establishments of many high profile clients in India, to now doing a masters in design in London - Meera is clearly in pursuit of creative happiness! When she started in India 10 years back, she used what ever paints and pigments were available and experimented with and invented her own techniques and colour concoctions, making sure that effect looks organic. Steering clear of the commercial synthetic effects, such as walls mottled using a spray gun, she aims for effect that is well blended and subtle and looks like as if there were worlds lurking beneath the surface - like an abstract painting; not like a pig dressed up for the county fair! She firmly believes that the thing with building colourscapes, is like poetry - it's all about feeling.

You can see more of Meera's work here, and if you would like to engage her services as an artist/designer, or consult with her, send her an email

Hayan Maani

Hayan Maani is a multi talented artist from Jordan, and his work covers a wide array of design directions -from paintings and calligraphy to logos and advertising, all within a journey of over 20 years. He firmly believes in the power of expression, individualism and originality. Take a look at his site for some incredible work of art, the bronze sculptures being my personal favorite.

Sonal Nathwani

Sonal's work reflects a blend of Asian and European influences and sensibilities. She was born in Malawi to Indian parents, and grew up in England, and polished her innate talent at a fine art course at the renowned Charles H. Cecil Studios in Italy. Take a look at her gallery to view her lovely paintings

Plum Pretty Sugar

Charlotte Mills runs and owns the brand of Loungerie (bedding, loungewear) called Plum Pretty Sugar. The fabrics and inspiration, both are from India. Her creations, specially the loungewear are deliciously dreamy and summery. You can buy these from her etsy shop.

The Loaded Trunk

Doesn't the name 'The Loaded Trunk' sound exciting? It reminds me of treasure hunts, and when I looked at Roni's online store, it was like a treasure hunt come true! Incredibly beautiful rugs, fabrics, art objects - all collected from different parts of the world, specially the orient. You have to go and take a look....and buy me a rug while you are at it ;-)

Roni: I'll be seeing you in six weeks. Give me a shout when you land in India!

The Style Saloniste

Dianne Dorrans Saeks, the very well known author of many design and style books, wrote a beautiful tribute to the legendary Rajmata Gayatri Devi, the incredibly beautiful and famous former maharani of Jaipur. The article is a fitting tribute to a princess who has been a symbol of Indian erstwhile royalty for the world. Thanks for sharing the article and your experiences, Dianne.

New blog alert : Mocca & Me

Interior inspiration from Netherlands, a blog written by Natascha Roobol. Click right here to get new insights and ideas for your home!

Rachel Leonard

Rachel is multi-talented person, writing a blog, making jewelry and also working on art projects. Her blog is very aptly named 'My Right Brain' :)

Gypsy Girl Guide

Alessandra de Souza is a photographer, writer and film producer with a 'gypsy' heart! Look through her beautiful site for her photographs, writing, and her exciting adventure: Journey to Jordan along with Tara of Paris Parfait fame! Also take a look at her etsy shop for photographs from India..

3 Bees Paperie

Celebrate the upcoming festival of Eid and Diwali with beautiful cards from 3 Bees Paperie!

thank you for sharing your work and talent with me and my readers!

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Best Home Design with Contemporary Interior

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Contempoary design is the blend of minimalist concept for a luxury interior, by combining both of them, the room looks fresh, clean and wide. See these best home design with contemporary interior....
Best Home Design with Contemporary Interior

Best Home Design with Contemporary Interior

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Best Home Design with Contemporary Interior

Best Home Design with Contemporary Interior