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Small Bedroom Interior Design Pictures

Small Bedroom Interior Design Pictures

Small Bedroom Interior Design Pictures

Bedroom Interior Design Pictures

Bedroom Interior Design Pictures

Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Master Bedroom Interior Design

Modern Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom Interior Design

The bedroom is a place that need a great attention to decorate. You can create your own bedroom space that will make you smile and feel comforted. This great collection of bedroom design ideas and layouts from the German furniture manufacturer, Hulsta will enrich your imagination in creating your own bedroom decoration based on the themes that you’d like, such as the modern minimalist bedroom style, luxury bedroom designs idea, creative and artisticbedroom design inspiration, classic bedroom idea, attic bedroom design and much more.
You can always improve your skill in creating your own bedroom decoration idea by choosing the right bedroom furniture, making the most of your bedroom space, adding some accents in your bedroom, decorate your bedroom with neutrals. Finally, thisbedroom design ideas from Huelsta surely will gives us an unlimited amount of decorating ideas with their cool bedroom design ideas and bedroom furniture layout collection.

Oodles of Talent what this post is about
A few bright peeps and some lovely stores
And a couple of discount codes!

Padmaja Krishnan

Padmaja wrote to me a few weeks back and shared her work with me. As I browsed through her albums, I was mesmerised by the gossamer fabric and fluid silhouettes of her beautiful clothing line. I could almost feel the gorgeous clothes through these images! Padmaja, an alumnus from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, has had solo as well as group exhibits of her work in several countries including UK, Japan, USA, Hong Kong and Portugal. Her work has recently been covered brilliantly by Vineeta and Kavita - do click on the links to read more about her profile and inspiration.  

You can find Padmaja on facebook, and via her site/blog Transit Design

Nikheel Aphale

I chanced upon Nikheel's work late last year. I am a huge fan of calligraphy, and illustrations, and completely fell in love with Nikheel's works of art! According to Nikheel, his work reflects the image-centric visual abstraction of letter forms, where legibility often plays a secondary role. He likes to explore compositions of letters and expose their hidden beauty through interesting forms, spaces and surfaces with the help of unconventional tools and techniques.

Nikheel currently works as an independent graphic designer and calligrapher in Delhi, India. His artworks are available for sale, and he can also be reached for doing customized design work.

Get in touch with Nikheel on his blog - Personaleekhin, and via this email

Little Prachee

Little Prachee is an adorable clothing line designed and run by Prachi Walia, a graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bombay. 
Little Prachee's inspiration comes from vintage clothing. The lovely 'mom' crafted frocks and the joy of dressing up. The choice of fabrics come from beautiful heritage of rich Indian handloom to which is added imagination and finesse of modern tailoring, and, a touch of love to everything!

Find Little Prachee on Facebook, and their soon to be launched website.

L'Atelier Des Cousines

L’Atelier des Cousines is founded by Barcelona born Cristina and  Elisabet. They have accumulated their experiences and interests from their stay in London, Australia and France and created the delightful line of kids and home accessories called L’Atelier des Cousines. Bringing together damask, Scottish pattern, french cottage chic and eastern ethnic style together, their collection is a must see!

Find L’Atelier des Cousines on their blog, and shop for their products on Etsy. The good news is that An Indian Summer reader's can avail a special 15% discount on all their products on etsy by using the code ANINDIANSUMMER1. Happy shopping! 

 The Butter NYC

A chic downtown NYC based design team, hailing from Japan, offers cards, stationery, invitations, all of which can be customized to your liking! They have some exciting patterns in their latest collection, and, a special discount code just for you! Use INDIANSUMMER here while making purchases, and you'll get a 10% discount! 

The Butter NYC's website, their blog and also on facebook!

It's Handmade

Conceptualized and run by Shreya Bajaj, a 22 year old student from Bangalore, India, ItsHandMade, an online selling portal gives an opportunity to all creative people to share their creations on a common platform. Shreya's dream is to give people a reason to create art all the time as a means to a livelihood, instead of practising it as just a hobby. This is what I would pick from the promising site:

Shop for products here and Connect on facebook with ItsHandmade

Pavithra sent me information on another interesting online portal called Zaarga aims to create an aesthetic online market place as well as a community feel interface that enables sharing of ideas and feedback through social sharing and blog inputs. My pick of goodies from Zaarga are right here!

Shop from Zaarga and connect with them on facebook

Himani's Photographic Narration 

There's a new blog on the block, and one that I am watching with interest! Himani Mantri Grover is a product designer based out of Gurgaon, India, and has recently started the blog Chicory Chai. This is what she says about herself and her blog: I am influenced by the past & the stories it tells. I love the luxury in ‘ancient’, glamour in ‘retro’ & the chic elegance of ‘vintage’ & the priceless charm of ‘handmade’. I can't wait to see more of her beautifully photographed images!

Say hello to Himani here!

[All images: An Indian Summer and respective owners]

You now know why I said Oodles of Talent at the beginning of this post, right? 
Some seriously talented people are right here in this post!
There are two peeps whom I still need to write about
Two brilliant photographers
One from India, and one who loves to photograph India!

Do come and visit me tomorrow
And I promise to regale you with beautiful visual stories
Photographed by these two photo wallahs :)

All about modern offices...

Modern Offices.....

Today I am sharing with all of you how to create the perfect home office and have provided the essential materials needed in order to have the perfect modern contemporary home office..

Enjoy the pics and post...

The Napoli Desk..

Float through your work day when you sit at the Italian-style Napoli Desk. It features two sizes and three veneers – golden cherry, sierra cherry or mahogany. It is ideal for the upscale home office that needs a boost in style, or any corporate or business setting. The desk top appears to be floating over the main structure through the use of silver metal supports, and the beveled surface matches the curved end panels to come together in a polished, modern look. Through minimalist simplicity and Italian inspiration, this desk manages to be both sophisticated and modern without being overbearing. The Napoli Desk can be purchased for $559.99 (63-inches wide) to $599.99 (72-inches wide) from
Essential Shelves...

This is a shelf that can hold its own, and then some. This thin, modular shelf appears almost fragile, but don’t judge a book(shelf) by appearances – each one of the four included shelves can hold 110 pounds of weight. By using the force of gravity to its advantage, the Treku Bookcase manages to reduce wall stress while offering the most support for your books possible from such a lightweight design. Minimalist to its core, the two aluminum rods and four wenge or oak veneer shelves can be adjusted to compensate for uneven floors as well as different heights for your storage needs. You’ll find the Treku Bookcase at for $900.00 (oak) – $1,150.00 (wedge).

Wall attached Desk...

Don’t let your work tie you down. If ever there was a way to rise above all of the papers, clutter, and other office mess that pervades your workspace, this floating Lax Wall Mounted Desk is the perfect beginning. It uses light, natural materials to create an open, flexible look. The walnut wood and white powdered aluminum doors are complimentary to the floating appearance of the desk itself. The added upper cabinet will only increase the image of a floating, carefree workspace. This desk can be used as a display shelf for living room accessories and media as well. The Lax Wall Mounted Desk is available at for $720.00.

The perfect Chair...

access office chair
Make your office swish with a chair that does much more than just swivel. There are several factors that you should look for in an office chair: how comfortable it is, how it looks, how it fits with the rest of your decor. The Axess office chair will satisfy your entire check-list and then some. This chair automatically adapts to you, meaning that the back and seat are both movable and can form to any position. The height can be adjusted and set at any level. Each part on this chair is crafted from high-quality materials, and is connected in a manner that is easy to dismantle should you so choose. The Axess office chair comes in a variety of colors, both in terms of the plastic components and the fabric on the back and seat. No office chair has ever been more customizable or more stylish. You can find this modern office chair at

A modern look desk..

Work with perfect symmetry when you use this Martix Desk System as your office desk. It is designed for the modern office, with its symmetrical layout, its simple and un-embellished lines, and its spare use of material. The two main surfaces of this desk are made from faux leather, which are sophisticated and elegant while being functional hard surfaces to write and work upon. The base of this unit is made from chrome colored welded metal, which is durable, long-lasting and sturdy. Both the center joining unit and the shelf on the left unit are made from thick tempered glass. The abundance of surface space and stylish design will make this Matrix Desk System the centerpiece of any office. You can find this desk at for $295.00.

A complete Office...

Be good to the environment, and good to your office style. This office is not only environmentally-friendly, but it is a modern piece of furniture art. All pieces of this furniture have met or exceeded the Greenguard Standard that regulates air quality control, so you can be assured that the emissions from the production of this line of furniture were low-impact. The use of space is optimized for comfort when sitting or reaching across the desk. Not only is this eco-furniture functional, but its minimalist form is also testament to the fact that going green doesn’t mean losing your style. The latest trends are incorporated into a modern look that will stand the test of time, and remain up-to-date for years to come. If you are looking to spruce up your office-space, you can get this Clara Modern Office from Spacify for $2,562.00.

A modern Chair..

Contemporary comfort. This Petal lounge chair will welcome you after a hard day of work with its modern style and soft velour microfabric cushions. You can lean back and kick up your feet onto the matching ottoman. The bold cushions come in black or red, and will pleasantly contrast with the chrome-plated swivel base. This is the perfect compliment to a modern office, and would look smashing behind a bold silver or glass executive desk. You can order the Petal lounge chair and ottoman from for $759.99.

A perfect modern office...

AG Home Goods

Inspirations on the Horizon: Sea Glass

For most of us sea glass is the closest thing we will ever find that even comes close to sunken treasure, and I have to say I am satisfied with that! Who doesn't love to discover these little blue and green gems on the seashore. From trash to treasure sea glass is truly a testament to how the sea makes all thing beautiful. For those collectors who want to put their finds to use here are some creative ideas.

Sea glass inspires the most beautiful colors, the colors of the sea. Whether you have sea glass for miles or not a shard in sight use the blue-greens as your coastal color inspiration.

It really doesn't take a lot to decorate with your sea glass, find a beautiful glass vase or jar and let the sea glass speak for it's self.


The ultimate way to display your sea glass is to wear it for all to see. Make you own or find a local jeweler and transform it into a fashionable accessory.


Wreaths are not just reserved for the holidays, decorate your door with a DIY sea glass wreath.

Let each individual piece of your sea glass finds shine in a homemade mobile. Small or large a sea glass mobile has a rustic elegance that can be displayed in any room of your home.

Illuminate your colorful, translucent jewels with tea lights. Truly the perfect pair for your candles!

Images: Sea Glass PaintSea Glass VaseSea Glass EarringsSea Glass RingSea Glass WreathSea Glass MobileSea Glass Tea Lights

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Contemporary bedroom interior design inspiration

MisuraEmme as a Italian Style Furniture Manufacture offers awesome bedroom layouts inspirations. The interesting feature of all beds by MisuraEmme is elegant and original headboards with unusual shape. Some beds have raise-and-lower mechanism in it, which allow to adjust position of pillows, creating facility for good sleeping or reading. Mostly they are contrasting and have a lot of natrual light, thanks to that all bedrooms look larger. Of course the main element of any bedroom design is a bed and it’s not very easy to choose a suitable one. MisuraEmme’s beds are as stylish as comfortable.

Contemporary bedroom interior design inspiration

bedroom interior design

bedroom interior design Ideas

bedroom interior design tips

bedroom interior design

bedroom interior design

Donald Trump Buys Miami Resort Hotel and Golf Course

Doral Resort in Miami Real Estate
Real estate developer Donald Trump announced yesterday that he is purchasing the Doral Resort Hotel and Country Club, a 50 year old enclave which has served as host to PGA golf tournaments every year since its inception. Mr. Trump agreed to pay $150,000,000 for the 700 room resort and four golf courses, including the well known Blue Monster course, where the world’s top golfers have come to compete year after year.

Trump said he plans to do a $50,000,000 renovation to the hotel and country club, and to the Blue Monster. According to a Reuters report, the Donald said "When Doral first opened, it was considered the best resort in the world. The combination of the property's incredible location in the heart of
Miami and our very significant investment in upgrading the resort will enable us to return Doral to its former glory if not surpass it. When completed, Doral will be the finest resort and golf club in the country."

The report indicated that one of the major reasons for the purchase is that Trump is betting that gambling comes to Miami, giving him the opportunity to open and operate a casino in one of
Miami’s prized locations. Trump feels that he made a great buy for the 800 acre resort, claiming that "It would be impossible for a developer today to replicate a property of this size in Miami at any cost."

New Zealand Illustrator and AD Toby Morris

Toby Morris is moving back to New Zealand. He's been working as an art director with Weiden+Kennedy in Amsterdam for the past few years (and doing illustration projects - including a book - and exhibitions in his spare time) but New Zealand called. It always does, and they (nearly) always answer. Welcome home, Toby!