Saturday, July 6, 2013

The loveliest Sunday S P A C E S

Well, someone has great taste in sofas and chairs. And in rugs and in ceilings.

The desk of super-talented designer Caroline Gomez.

Oh, hai, come on in! I'm just sitting here nibbling on some artisan toasted Sourdough.

Ok, so here's something weird about me. I don't like indoor plants. 
Flowers, yes. Herbs, sure - in the kitchen.
But green frondy plants? Get the hell outa town, and take your indoor plants with you.
I do, however, love this room. Plants n' all.

Use an old bench as a low shelf. Think I need to go pillage a primary school hall.

Beautiful vintage and modern Smoothie. 

Ehmergerd it's perfection! 

Sweeeet rug, mid-century chair and gallery wall action.

I am all for a bedroom as fun and unpretentious as this.

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