Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shiva's home

Bookmarks, if bookmarked, ought to be looked at, from time to time, lest you forget, why the bookmarks were bookmarked

Now that I have my profound learning for the day out there, let me tell you why. It is during such inspired looking at my hundreds of bookmarks today, that I happily re-discovered the The Glamourai blog, bookmarked some months back for it's fabulous inspiration. And not only that, I also saw the lovely home of Shiva Rose, featured on the blog, and I knew that I had to share this serendipitous find with you.

I love the warm, bohemian yet simple and uncluttered vibe of this home. Beautiful collection of rugs and textiles, stand out against the pale walls and non fussy furniture. It's a home that makes you want to walk bare foot with a dog and a cat pottering along. :)

Take a look at Shiva's home at The Glamourai and more pics on Apartment Therapy.  

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