Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pick n Mix!

Chow down!

Love me some leathery Falcon Wright.

I like where this is headed, Sleepy Jones. A brand dedicated to lazing about in your (cool) undies.

I'd probably never even use this bronze cable holder but I still desperately want one.

Tom Dixon's new kit of parts for every technical design geek. The Mathematican tool set includes a ruler, protractor, set square and paperclips cut from sheet brass.

I'd totally buy one of these - especially the copper one! 
Hinged hangers by Berlin-based design collective, Atelier Haussman


Found My Animal make super nice quality, super nice looking collars and leads for doggies. Think marine-grade rope and brass hardware. Based in New York, they also work to re-home shelter dogs and raise awareness of choosing to adopt a homeless dog rather than buying from puppy mills. 
Awesome Pen of the day! Kaweco pens have been made in Germany since 1883, and in 2013 I need one of their Cafe Minis in my pocket.

My house smells like freesias and I think it's my most favourite smell in the world. 
Happy Sunday, fellow floral Gangsta.

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