Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pick n Mix! International design treats for your gob

Get these treats in your gob.

Danny Demers and Diane Garcia (husband and wife) run a creative atelier called Garçon Garçonne. Danny is an art director, Diane a baker. Together, they bring good design and good food together. Breakfast Club is a breakfast gathering that happens on the first Sunday of every month at a Montreal menswear boutique. The event invites people to take part in a communal morning routine, transforming the retail space into a pop-up restaurant. I just really liked the idea, and the design. (via Miss Moss)

The Set Bookshelf is one of the debut products from young Austrian designer Stephanie Hornig

I don't like indoor plants, but for you WEIRDOS who do, these planters by BML (a husband and wife design team from California) are wicked awesome. And yip, they ship to NZ.

And they've even designed the drip tray to be concealed, coz don't nobody wanna see your scungy drip tray, okay? 

Round mirror of the day!
Bound is a series of textile-wrapped mirrors, designed by the most-excellent Grain. Grain is James and Chelsea, who met at design school and now live and work in a 1901 farmhouse with their five chickens and a small wine making operation on little Bainbridge Island, Washington.
Cute drawstring bags by Parisian independent designer, Between The Lines.

One of my personal fave designers, Elisabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day, curated a collection of new wallpapers, created by her personal fave designers. They're magnificent.

Bestie (best. name. ever.) is a friendly little sausage parlour that recently opened in downtown Vancouver. Love that interior! Inspired by german street food, it serves artisan sausage, hand-cut fries, craft beers, and a few other delicious-sounding treats. Hipsters are taking over the world, and I'm very OK with that.

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