Thursday, July 11, 2013


Can I come over and have a bath? Yeah, I know you don't know me. We don't need to be BFFs, I just want to use your bath.

(PS: I hope that fire actually goes.. that would be one DELUXE bathing experience)

Two cool corners in a blogger's home.

A beautiful New Zealand bach. Let's look at the exterior of it, shall we? 

For the full story of this bach (and more images, all shot by the amazing Simon Devitt) see the June issue of URBIS, or view online here. 

The wonky picture is freaking out my OCD. But I still loves it.

Jeez - don't look so forlorn, lady-staring-off-into-the-middle-distance. Your house is amazing!

Non-matching chairs... an old fave.

I'm just gunna snuggle up here for a bit and watch old episodes of The Office.

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