Friday, July 5, 2013

Assorted goodies! Another Fancy Pick n Mix

Weekends are for doggy walks, big breakfasts and lots and lots o' design.

The extremely beautiful Kinfolk magazine now has a new, extremely beautiful digital platform. It's $40 for an annual subscription to the digital version, which includes all sorts of extras and exclusives.

A leather, blush, brass and hand-drawn polkadot sammich of awesomes. Hello, Rennes.

Number One of my Top of the Design Pops charts at the moment are leather chairs.
These guys caught my eye.

Hey penpals, let's get a Natsumi letter set!
I love Francis + Francis' paper flowers... and there new cake toppers are tops. Such a sweet idea for a wedding or anniversary keepsake.

Who else but me would get legit excited about numbered push pins? Present + Correct, that's who.
And maybe you. That's why I love you. 

COOOOOL wall hangings from Australian Makers-of-things Maricor/Maricar. 
(Good spotting, Inside Out)

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