Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I don't know what made me think of cork but something did, so I got to searching! I found more than I thought I would. Lamps, floors, backsplashes.... Who knew cork was so multifunctional.

DIY Cork Bath Mat 
(photo from Crafty Nest)

 Cork flooring tiles from Greenable. Made from recycled wine stoppers using water-based and solvent-free varnishes and adhesives.

"Float" Cork Lamps by Benjamin Hubert

 Jelinek Cork Mosaic Tiles made from sliced wine corks!

 Love the look of this!
(photo from Pinterest)

Cork Shelf and Porthole Shaded Lamp by Inga Sempe

 I love this. You can hide so many little messages in there!
(photo from Pinterest)

 Cork Chaise Lounge by Daniel Michalik

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