Thursday, June 13, 2013

Friday Fancy Spaces

I don't know who's responsible for choosing the homes they feature in Inside Out, but I hope they had their hair freshly blow-waved, because they're totally getting a headshot taken for the Employee of the Month wall. These images are from Inside Out's May/June issue - it's the home of Tom Adair of Abode Living. P.S: Must love dogs.
Photographed by Mark Roper and styled by my other husband Glen Proebstel.

Ceilings, floor, windows - and let us not overlook those leather sling-seat chairs, friends...

Circle windows beat everything.

Turkey does great things with kebab sauces and also with rugs.

Love that grid duvet cover - I've been looking everywhere for one just like it!
End-of-bed-bench also gets bonus points.

Super-cute dinner party set up!

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